Questionnaires In Kenya

Having employees fill out questionnaires to describe their job-related duties and responsibilities is another good way to obtain job analysis information. You have to decide how structured the questionnaire should be and what questions to include.

Some questionnaires answers are on a scale e.g. 1 – 5 questionnaires are very structured checklists. Each employee gets an inventory of perhaps hundreds of specific duties or tasks (such as “change and splice wire”). He or she is asked to indicate whether or not he or she performs each task and if so how much time is normally spent on each. At the other extreme the questionnaire can be open-ended and simply ask the employee to “describe the major duties of your job”.

Person has a lee-way to put in his/her own words whether structures or unstructured, questionnaires have both pros and cons. A questionnaire is a quick and efficient way to obtain information from a large number of employees; it’s less costly than interviewing hundred of workers for instance. However, developing the questionnaire and testing it (perhaps by making sure the workers understand the questions) can be expensive and time consuming.

Disadvantage is that is is difficult to develop a questionnaire.

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