An audit is a complex task involving number of people at different levels. As we observed in the preparation and development of audit programme, the auditor would naturally have to depend upon number of technical experts as well. During the course of his work, the auditor is also likely to use the work performed by other auditors also. A lot of work is also delegated by him to his assistants AAS 1, “Basic Principles Governing an Audit”, the auditor should carefully direct, supervise and review work delegated to assistants. The auditor should obtain reasonable assurance that work performed by other auditors or experts is adequate for his purpose. AAS 17, “Quality Control for Audit Work” lays down standards on the quality control.

  1.  policies and procedures of an audit firm regarding audit work generally; and
  2.  procedures regarding the work delegated to assistants on an individual audit. AAS 17 suggests two fold approach to quality control, viz., first, at the firm level, and, secondly, at the individual audit level.
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