Pure Project organization

A pure project is where a self-contained team works full time on the project. A “pure project organization” is a model of a business where project managers have total control over the project they oversee. Central control at the managerial level must be weak for this to occur. Put simply, a “pure project organization” might also be termed a “task force.” In the case of a “pure project,” the leader of this task force would have to be given total authority for a limited period to solve a particular problem. In business, it is a great challenge to find an example of such purity.


  1. The project manager has full line authority over the project
  2. All members of the project work force are directly responsible to the PM.
  3. When the project is removed from the functional division, the lines of communication are shortened.
  4. When there are several successive projects of a similar kind, the pure project organization can manipulate a more or less permanent cadre of experts who develop considerable skill in specific technologies.
  5. The project team that has a strong and separate identity of its own tends to develop a high level of commitment from its members.

1. When the parent organization takes on several projects, it is common for each on to be fully staffed.
2. In fact, the needs to ensure access to technical knowledge and skills result in an attempt by the Pm to stockpile equipment and technical assistance in order to certain that it will be available when needed.
3. Though individuals Engaged with project develop considerable depth in the technology of the project, they tend to fall behind in other areas of their technical expertise.
4. Pure project group seems to foster inconsistency in the way in which policies and procedures are carried out.
5. In pure project organizations, the project takes on a life of its own.
6. Another symptoms of project it is the worry about life after the project ends.

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