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Project management is one of the most important skills that are required in today‘s world but is not available with a large mass of people. It is required in a larger sector as we have got many big projects going on across the world which are expected to finish in a short time without wasting much resources or time. Project Management plays a very important role in many industries.
Below are some of the sectors where project management is vital

  1. FMCG
  2. Defense
  3. Construction
  4. Energy
  5. Pharmacy
  6. IT

1. FMCG Sector
FMCG Sector is a vast sector which is spread across all parts of the world. The big players in FMCG Industry are always concerned about saving their operations cost and spread into a wider area to have a global presence. They have got very well established distribution network by which they are tapping into the rural market also. Project Management can help in reducing the cost of operations and also manage the big distribution network which handles the delivery and distribution of FMCG Products into all
the areas.

2. Defense Sector
The defense industry is now facing a bulk of retiring employees. They are expecting to hire a large number of employees for their organization in the coming years. The aerospace organization are now experiencing a greater need of experienced Project Managers who can reduce the cost and manage the time to complete big projects in a limited time with less defects and high efficiency. Project Management helps cost reduction and helping in the quality issues.

3. Construction Sector
Construction took a huge leap at the time of big recession also. Many big infrastructure companies are now planning to have risk managers for their organization so that they can reduce the risks involved at the time of raising a big infrastructural project. The construction organizations have now realized the value of Project Management so the demands of good and experienced Project Managers have increased.

4. Energy Sector
The world-wide energy consumption is about to grow by 53% by 2035, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration‘s International Energy Outlook 2011. The scope of Project Management in energy sector is growing on a very slow rate; it is still
new for energy organizations in many developing nations. In order to be in Energy sector, a Project Manager should have all the basic background knowledge about the sector and should focus on a particular aspect.

5. Pharmacy Sector
Pharma industry is a very growing industry. It is an industry which does not follow a particular or formalized process. A Project Manager is the one who can put up the system and the process together while a Non- Project Manager cannot do that. So for people who want to be Project Managers in the Pharmacy or Health care industry should have a strong communication skill to deal with the administration and the doctors and nurses as well.

6. IT Sector
Information Technology is an industry which will always grow. It consists of various tools and techniques which help in planning and execution of an IT Project. The organizations spend a lot in IT as they know that IT will always grow. But the growth will significantly
decelerate this year, forecasted by Forrester Research. Most of the IT Project Management is moving to SaaS (Software as a Service) which is making it more optimized to the needs of the project manager. An IT Project Manager should have a very keen knowledge about the technologies which will help him or her to grow more in that industry.

Project Management can bring the system and the administration into one table so it is required to for almost all industries to have a PMP Certified Project Manager who can help in running a Project smoothly and successfully.

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