Project Procurement Plan

Planning of project procurements is carried out within the procurement process and results in developing a plan. A procurement plan is a convenient tool for organizing and managing activities and tasks related to the procurement management process. A template of the plan is to be designed by the purchasing department in cooperation with the project manager. A project procurement plan should be reviewed and approved by the project manager before any supplier relationships get started.

A project procurement plan template documents:

  1. Deliverables to be procured by proposed agreements/contracts.
  2. Effective resource management strategies for negotiating and managing the agreements/contracts.
  3. The need for staged delivery and desirability of testing the procured items before introducing them into the implementation process (this item is optional).
  4. The chosen procurement method (payments, expressions of interest, request for price/quote, request for tender).
  5. Key stages of the process for selecting suppliers and vendors.
  6. The model of procurement funding.
  7. The sample of procurement contract/agreement.
  8. References to quality approvals, quality assurance and risk management.
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