Procurement audit plan

The main purpose of procurement audit evidence is to report on compliance of public entities with the applicable procurement laws, regulations, policies and procedures to enable auditor to write a procurement audit report.

It involves development of a general strategy of a detailed approach for the expected nature, timing and extent of the audit. The auditor plans to perform audit in an efficient or timely manner. An audit plan is a detailed breakdown of the whole work the auditor is required to perform under an audit engagement.

Purpose of Audit Planning
1. Direct and control the audit work to establish means of achieving audit objective.
2. Use audit staff optimally to complete the audit work within reasonable time.
3. Concentrate efforts on sensitive or risk area of operations.
4. Ensure all risk areas in procurement processes are covered during audit work.
5. Determine expected scope of audit work to be performed.

Benefits of Audit Plan
1. Helps auditor obtain sufficient and appropriate evidence.
2. Helps keep audit costs at reasonable levels.
3. Helps avoid misunderstanding between auditors and auditee.
4. Helps to ensure potential problems are properly identified.
5. Help to determine the scope of the audit programme by the auditor.

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