1. Requisition.
All requests for issuance of goods from stock shall be covered by the requisition and issue venture (RIV) from which is the official document designed for this purpose. All the requests for issuance of the requirements shall be made by the user departments and
approved by the authority concerned. The justification for the need must be clearly established.

2. Verification of requisition by procurement officer (stores)
Based on the identified needs specified in the requisition the stores in charge will verify the requisition to ensure that it is dully authorized by the relevant head of department or section and that the relevant head of department or section and that the requisition is properly completed.

3. Issuance of products in line with first in first out principle.
All issuance procedure must as far as practicable observe the FIFO principle. Products with shorter shelf life must also be issued first ahead of those with longer shelf life chances of expiries of products while still in the store.

4. Collection of issued items from the stores.
Once the order picking is completed, the requisitioner will be notified to collect the items from the issuing officer. It is of paramount importance that the collecting official provides proof of collection authorization from the head of department or section.

5. Adjusting stock records.
After issuance the transactions will be entered in the inventory records and the balances reduced.

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