1. Supplier network database module
The major function of this module includes online registration of supplier platform protections (account and password management) as well as identification and review of suppliers.

2. Online application management module
The function of this module is online submission of procurement applications for the demanding department, online review and transformation of a procurement application form into inquiry management module

3. Online price inquiry management module
This module comprises online enquiry for each purchasing entity, online quotation, submission for the suppliers all over the world and online bargaining

4. Online bidding management module
This module consists of a tender form from the purchasing entity and initiating the online bidding procedures for suppliers.

5. Online delivery date revision management module
The function of this module includes:

  • Confirmation procedure for purchasing entity and supplier delivery schedule
  • Online revision, adjustment and confirmation procedure for terms of delivery

6. Online notification management module
This module aims to provide the online notification procedure which is connected from the internal ERP systems in the platform.

7. Online payment status enquiry management module.
This module integrates the internal ERP system for supply factories to proceed with payment status enquiry and also it links the purchasing entity with the bank used to pay the supplier.

8. Integration with existing system.
The principle or feature should relate to technical viability of an e-procurement system including how it will fit with the existing system. This can depend on the type of e-procurement software that the solution will be built on, hosted on, cloud based or hybrid system i.e. a mixture of hosted platform and cloud based technology.

9. Mobile capabilities.
In the long run, the system should be able to run a purchase to pay system on mobile. Many organisations are pushing their workforce to perform purchase to pay activities through mobile applications as it can increase processing speed, reduce hardware cost and improve internal and supplier collaboration.

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