Post-contract activities include:

  • Administration of the contract, including any subsequent agreed contract changes
  • Continuous assessment of performance and re-assessment of risk within the contract
  • Handling of stakeholder complaints
  • Chairing any agreed supplier/buyer contract review meetings

During this phase, some activities may arise such as:

  • Final amendment on contract
  • Approval on last payment
  • Final payments
  • Proof of delivery
  • Return contract financial security and holdbacks
  • Initiate an audit of a cost-reimbursable contract
  • Make sure that all Crown-owned Intellectual Property and Government Furnished

Equipment are returned

  • Address Contractor claims
  • Receive the contractor performance
  • Client satisfaction
  • Ensure your file is properly documented
  • Put away your file

Skills necessary for successful contract management
The following additional specific skills are necessary for successful contract management:
• Milestone setting (and review) skills are often either lacking or under developed in P&SM processes, but are essential features of both pre- and post-contract management; project/programme management experience or training is, therefore, recommended
• Contracts, whether for goods or services, should include specifications covering all aspects that are important to the customer; experience of setting and managing Service Level Agreements (particularly necessary in outsourcing or critical supply environments) is recommended
• In recognition of the increased rate of business change, the importance has been growing of the need to build greater flexibility into contracts; this has resulted in an increased emphasis on the need for the effective management of contract change skills

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