Participants in International Markets

The major participants in international markets are:

Multinational corporations: These are organisations that ensure the production of goods and services in one or more countries other than its home countries. Such organisations have their offices or industrial setups across nations and usually have a centralized office where they coordinate global management.

Other Large Firms: Besides MNCs, there are a large number of firms active in international marketing. Although they do not qualify to be regarded as MNCs, many of them have manufacturing and other operational facilities foreign countries.

SMEs: Small and medium enterprises also play a very significant role in international business. A very large number of them do considerable business abroad. There are many in this category which is hundred percent primarily export oriented. In the case of USA and Germany, the largest exporting nations, more than half of the exports are contributed by small firms. About 35% of India‘s exports come from village and small industries.

Private Firms: The bulk of the international transactions are carried out by private firms MNCs; other large firms and (small and medium enterprises) SMEs.

Exporters: They are the oversea sellers who sell products and provide services across their home country by following necessary jurisdiction.

Service companies: A service company generates revenue by trading on services and not on physical commodities e.g. clearing and forwarding agents

Financial institutions: provide financing

Government- regulations, tax

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