Organization and Management Plan

In the organizational plan for the business, you will develop policies for staff development and human resource management. This will enable you to achieve the efficient product of goods of effective performance of services. You will present in detail the job analysis and
descriptions, employee evaluations, training and staff compensation plans. You also indicate the support staff and services required for your business.

Organizational Structure
Developing an organizational structure
In developing the structure for your organization the following have to be considered:

  • The extent to which you will manage the business yourself.
  • Duties and responsibility for your management team, key personnel as well as those of other level.
  • The structure of the organizational to show which departments or levels of authority/decision making the organization will have.

Those in lower level report respectively to those in middle level who in turn report td those in the top level. This means that each key person in the middle level controls his department more effectively while you are able to preside over all the departments and
coordinate them effectively for the achievement of the desired results.

The key features in this area are:

  • The extent of control and authority for each level.
  • Duties and responsibilities for each per n in each of each level.
  • Salary you will pay to each person.
  • Salary you personally intend to pay yourself monthly so as to keep personal issues away from those of the business.
  • A chart should be drawn as above specific to your business and placed at a prominent place for all to see.

Key Management personnel
This is a very important area as you will need skilled, experienced and hardworking people. You have to start in a strong way to be able to penetrate &e market. The key people are those employees without whom you may not start your .business at all.
Features to consider in this area are:

  • The importance of the job to the organization.
  • What type of person to hold the job and who he/she will be responsible to.
  • Position, duties and responsibilities of each member of the team
  • Proposed salaries for the management team.
  • Incentives you wish to provide for members of the team.

The most important issue here is differentiating between yourself and your business, So you have to decide and:-

  • Pay appropriate salary to yourself
  • Pay appropriate salary to your other employees.

Other Personnel

  • Caliber of employees
  • Outline their job specifications

Incentives and Employment Agreement
Human beings are known to work harder if they are given some respective staff it is better to determine some extra payment like commission as reward for hard work. It is also important and a legal requirement to have a written and signed contract of
employment letter with all your employees – permanent or casual alike. In the contract, you have to state:-

  1. Salary and other benefits
  2. Leave days per year
  3. Duties to be performed
  4. To whom the respective staff reports and who reports to him
  5. Sick-leave days if any
  6. Retirement benefits or pension plan
  7. Health insurance cover, etc

Describe how you will evaluate, develop and remunerate your staff
Outline staff regulations
Describe how you will evaluate the performance of employees
How will you reward outstanding performance

People System

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Sourcing and appointment
  • Training of employees/employer
  • Needs analysis and mechanics
  • Promotional: Appraisal and retention
  • Policy and monitoring
  • Remuneration and incentives
  • Pay systems
  • Communication channels

Support services

  • Bank
  • Auditor/Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Small business brokers
  • Postal services
  • Insurance
  • Telephone/fax
  • E-mail address
  • Printers
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