OFFICE PRACTICE STAGE II July 2009 Knec Past Paper


Beta Manufacturers Ltd are reknown for their high quality cooking oil which – has become a household name throughout the East African region. They purchase raw materials from Western Kenya and have their own fleet of lorries. The firm has a team of well-qualified staff employed at competitive rates with the aim of maintaining the firm’s lead in the market. Identify five departments that have contributed towards the success of Beta Manufacturers Ltd and state two ways in which each department has helped. 2 (15 marks)
The factory workers at Beta Manufacturing Ltd are paid Kshs. 200 per hour for the first forty hours and double for any hours worked over and above the forty. Last month, Omondi McOsewe worked fot a total of 50 hours. How much did he earn at the end of the month? (3 marks)
Identify and explain the channel of communication used in each of the following situations: A manager addresses a new group of employees and briefs them on their duties and responsibilities.

(ii) | Mariam submits her duly completed leave form to her head of department for approval.

(ili) Nekesa, a clerk from the Staff Welfare Association consults the Human Resource Manager on employees’ rights, (iv) A team of managers hold their monthly meeting to review work progress. (8 marks)
Explain four ways in which an organization can maintain high moral standards. (8 marks)
Halima was recently employed in your department. She needs advice on the types of life insurance that she can take. As a colleague, explain two major types of life insurance available and state one advantage of each. (6 marks)
Your firm has recently passed a policy that all staff will be paid their salaries and wages through the bank. There are several staff members who do not have bank | accounts. Draft a notice to staff advising them on how to open a savings account. (10 marks)
The following stock requisitions and purchases were made for A4 printing papers in the month of June:
June | balance 30 reams.
June 2 purchased 170 reams from Heko Stationers, Invoice Number 42841. June 3 Computer Department requisitioned 40 reams Reg. No. 4121. June 5 Sales Department requisitioned 30 reams Req. No. 4122. June 8 Works Department requisitioned 25 reams Req. No. 4123. June 21 Purchased 95 reams from Sana Stationers invoice No. 1247. Minimum level is 30 reams and maximum level is 200 reams.
i) Make entries on the stock Record Card provided. (10 marks)

(To be used for question 4 (a)

ii) State two advantages of setting a maximum stock level and a minimum stock level.
Write the following abbreviations in full: a psa
ii) At.
ili) fio.b.
iv) or.
v) f.o.r.
vi) fas.
(4 marks)
(3 marks)
Describe the following visual aids and state one circumstance when each may be used.
i) line graph
ii) bar graph
iii) pie chart
iv) _ pictogram (12 marks) —
You work in the Human Resource Department and have been requested to organize for a meeting to be held for all staff in the organization. Outline the procedure you will follow to prepare for the meeting. (6 marks)
Your firm appeared in the daily newspaper negatively as a result of customers’ complaints. Highlight six methods that the Public Relations Officer could use to improve public relations and mend its image. (6 marks)
Joshua works as the registry clerk in a large organization where they intend to introduce indexing systems for their filing records. – systems that they can use and state one benefit of each.
Identify three indexing (9 marks)

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