To inform
One of most important objectives of communication is passing and receiving information about of particular fact of circumstance.
An organization can inform consumers about its products, availability of credit, availability of raw materials, or about government rules and regulations.
It can also communicate to inform staff about the latest development in the field of science and technology. Within the organization you can inform employees about job assignments, or inform them of general information on policies and activities of organization.

To advice
Information is factual and objective, advice on the other hand involve personal opinions. It is subjective and neutral. When advice is given to person he /she may use it or decide not to use it. An advice is aimed at influencing the opinion or behaviour of another person.
Advice flows downwards or horizontally, e.g. from a doctor to patient and not vice versa.

To order
An order is an authoritative communication; it is a directive to somebody (subordinate) to do something to modify or not to do something.
Orders flow from top to bottom.

To suggested (make suggestion)
A suggestion is different from other forms of communication. In other forms it flows from superiors to subordinates but, a Suggestion may flow from subordinate to superior.
A suggestion is mild or subtle and it moves in all directions.

To persuade
This is communication aimed at influencing the attitudes, feelings or beliefs of others.

To Educate
Education is a conscious process of communication. It involves teaching and learning, its main purpose is to widen knowledge and improve skills.

To warn someone
If employees don’t abide by the rules of the organization they will be warned.

Raise the morale.
Morale-stands for mental health.
It’s a powerful factor representing the sum of many qualities such as courage, fortitude, resolution and confidence.

TO motivate
Motivation is very close to rising of miracle. It means to energize and activate a person and challenge his or her behaviour towards the attainment of desired goals.

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