Need for computers

The importance of computers in scientific research is exceptionally high and the use of a computer can help scientific research immensely, and is an almost invaluable tool. There are many reasons why computers are so important in scientific research and here are some of the main reasons:

SPEED: computer can process numbers and information in a very short time. So researcher can process and analyze data quickly. By saving time researcher can conduct further research. A calculation that may take a person several hours to process will take computer mere minutes, if not seconds.
ACCURACY: Computer is incredibly accurate. Accuracy is very much important in scientific research. Wrong calculation could result an entire research or project being filled with incorrect information.
ORGANIZATION: We can store millions of pages of information by using simple folders, word processors & computer programs. Computer is more productive & safer than using a paper filing system in which anything can be easily misplaced.
CONSISTENCY: computer cannot make mistakes through ―tiredness‖ or lack of concentration like human being. This characteristic makes it exceptionally important in scientific research

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