Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Knec Past Paper

3. (a) Describe the following types of building and civil contracts.
(i) . Lumpsum contracts
(ii) Cost plus percentage contracts.
(6 marks)
(b) Explain the following types of payment certificates used in construction projects.
(i) Interim
(ii) Penultimate
(iii) Final

(c) Briefly describe the following contract documents used in construction works.
(i) Specifications
(ii) Bills of quantities.
(4 marks)
(d) Using hypothetical examples, explain how the following concepts are used in measurements.
(i) Grouping of dimensions
(ii) Grouping of descriptions.
(e) Explain three causes of variations in construction projects.
(5 marks)

• Answer any TWO questions from this section.
4. (a) Outline four roles ofan estimator in a construction firm. (6 marks)
(b) Discuss four design variables for adjustments when using rates from previous projects obtained from quantity surveyor’s office. (14 marks)
5. (a) Using illustrations describe the following methods of approximate estimating giving two merits and two demerits of each.
(i) Cubic method
(ii) Approximate quantities.
(16 marks)
(b) Explain the following terms as used in costing 6
(i) all in labour rate
(ii) all in mechanical rate
(4 marks)
6. (a) Using the data given build up a unit rate for “plain concrete (1:3:6) in foundation trench, per m3”. DATA

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