MDC5303  ISM-ICT Policy  KCA Past Paper

MDC 5303/ ISM-ICT Policy

Question 1 (20 MARKS)-COMPULSORY)
a) Using relevant examples, and in reference to ICT, differentiate between Policy,
Legislation and Regulation (6 marks)
b) There are two major concerns that many ICT policies will focus on: Economic issues and
social issues. Identify THREE economic issues and describe why any nation should be
concerned about them. (9 marks)
c) As the ICT director of a global firm, which policies would you put in place to handle the
social issues identified in (b) above? (3 marks)
d) One of the greatest impediments to the growth of the internet in Kenya is the absence of
local content. Using your knowledge and experience of data communications, identify
and explain a project you would carry out to help solve this problem (2 marks)
Question 2 (15 marks)
a) There are 5 “C’s” to be considered when building ICT strategies. Identify these Cs,
outline each of them and discuss how they affect each other in an intertwined web . (5
b) Some of the social effects of ICT include quality of work and employment. As the ICT
director in your organization, highlight the policies you would put in place to address the
challenges facing these two areas (4 marks)
c) Concern that software and information products can be copied for free, rather than be
paid for, has given rise to pressures for legislation to protect intellectual property. In the
context of data communications, highlight how the CIO can go about protecting his
institution. Outline concepts that you would include in an acceptable usage policy that
addresses this area. (6 marks)
Question 3 (15 marks)
a) In general, reform of the telecommunications sector, that is, privatization and/ or
liberalization accompanied by regulation, may serve a number of different objectives.
Identify and outline and such 5 objectives that a government may pursue (10 marks)
b) Develop a brief policy that would be used in a mid-sized organization to encourage
the use of human capacity development for ICT. (5 marks)
Question 4 (15 marks)
a) Distinguish between universal access and universal service in as far as internet services
are concerned. (4 marks)
b) Explain the mechanisms that developed countries have put in place to promote universal
service and to increase universal access (10 marks)
c) Explain how you would promote universal service in your organization (1 mark)

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