Marketing Communication July 2016 Knec Past Paper

SECTION A (32 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section.
1. State three roles played by marketing communication in facilitating the attainment of marketing objectives of a firm. (3 marks)
2. List three methods of publicity that a firm could use in it’s marketing communication. (3 marks)
3. State three characteristics of advertising as a form of marketing communication. (3 marks)
4. State three elements of the marketing mix that a firm should consider when developing ts marketing communications. (3 marks)
5; State three disadvantages of using the competitive parity method to determine the marketing communication budget of a firm. (3 marks)
6. State four advantages of using contests as a consumer sales promotion tool. (4 marks)
7. List four types of identity media that a firm could use as tools of marketing public relations. (4 marks)
8. State three limitations of using personal selling as form of marketing communication in a firm. (3 marks)
9. State three factors that account for rapid growth of the direct marketing method of marketing communication. (3 marks)
10. State three characteristics of a motivated sales force. (3 marks)
SECTION B (68 marks)
Answer any FOUR questions from this section.
Explain six factors that may influence the size of the marketing communications budget prepared by a marketing manager in a firm. (9 marks)
XYZ Company Ltd, a manufacturer of motor vehicles intends to participate in a trade show. Outline four disadvantages of using such an event for marketing communication. (8 marks)
Explain six factors that a marketer should consider when developing the marketing communication mix to use. (9 marks)
Bendera company Ltd intends to sponsor a sporting event as a public relations activity.
Explain four reasons that could have led to the move. (8 marks)
Describe six trade sales promotion tools that a firm could use. (9 marks)
Explain four factors that a marketer should consider when determining the form of communication to use in a marketing campaign. (8 marks)
Alice has been employed as a sales manager of a certain manufacturing firm. Highlight six ways in which she may supervise the salesforce. (9 marks)
XYX company is in the process of evaluating it’s advertising campaign that was recently aired on a certain television channel. Explain four reasons that may
have made it necessary to evaluate the campaign. (8 marks)
Describe six types of direct mail that a firm could use in it’s direct marketing communications activities. (9 marks)
A certain firm has decided to organize its salesforce on the basis of product category.
Explain four advantages of adopting this form of salesforce organization.

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