Major features of sign on audit

1. Selective quality auditing- it lets us choose who to audit, what type of user information to track and you can selectively determine what audit information you need to match your organisation needs.
2. Sign on audit reports- it gives you historical, detailed information on what your users are doing in your application. It also gives you a search criterion to narrow your search for information. You can also sort your sign on audit information to create easy to read
3. Setting up sign on audit- sign on audit, audits levels of user access. It controls whose signs on audit, tracks and the level at which they are audited.
4. Monitor application- it monitors user forms and gives real-time reliable information about who is using the system and what they are doing. You can see the users that are signed on (username) what responsibilities and how long they have been working on
the forms and what database processes they are using

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