Key Parameters of Agile Supply Chain Management:

This strategy become the priority, mostly preferred strategy in present era. It focuses on the inventory management. Excess inventory and potential shortages are eliminated by using this strategy. In present era, various software‘s have been introduced in the market to manage the inventory.

Agile supply chains are best at, getting more accurate and up to date demand. In simple words it is the reaction time how quickly respond to market demand and satisfy their end customer. To make it possible one should have a network based on electronically connected to retailers and all other drivers of the chain, this is how end to end visibility is achieved. To make it robust chain, it would be vital to use state of the art, planning applications, that supports the working teams in decision making and sometimes with what if scenario capability, usually companies go for backup plans that costs considered to be extra, than such applications make it more responsive and cost efficient.

Lastly, We are now entering the era of ―New Competition‖ where markets are dynamic, and prices will go to organizations that can better build structures, and do more integration. This solution of agile supply chain management is more information-centric rather than inventory centric. Therefore, agile supply chains are need of the hour. Since market and demand patterns are changing on a very rapid pace, than the ultimate strategy would be to opt for agile supply chain management. Through this strategy one can retain the market and also compete with the market.

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