key elements that a project manager should consider while creating a project management task list.

  • The project manager should prepare a list of all the activities and tasks that needs to perform to get the end results. Once make a detailed list of tasks then divide it into categories on the basis of its importance. Also classify the activities and tasks that need more time and resources for completion. This will help you in making final scheduling and budgeting.
  • Prioritize those tasks that you think will work as the base of the project. For example, the project is to prepare a lawn; your base tasks will be the removal of debris, installation of fences and preparation of the soil.
  • Look at your project team and review their skills, as you have to assign tasks on the basis of the skills of the work team. Also consider the timeline of the project, as you have to complete the project in the given period of time.
  • Divide all the tasks according to the given time period in your work team. It is best to divide tasks on a daily basis as this will save your time and will help you in understanding the sequence of the tasks.
  • Schedule all the tasks and set some measurements in order to check whether you are going on the track or not. Assign extra time to the tasks that are of great importance because of the success of a project you can bear any kind of errors in the basic and
    important tasks.
  • Communicate your plans and project management task list with your team and also ask for suggestions that can help you in a positive way.
  • Keep your project management task list a bit flexible for your own and your employee‘s comfort.
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