KCSE Past Papers 2020 IRE Paper 1 (314/1)

KCSE Past Papers 2019 IRE Paper 1

2020 Islamic Religious Education – Paper 1

1.a. Why did mankind need the revelation of the Quran? (8 marks)

b. Give six lessons that Muslims learn from the last three verses of Surah AlBaqarah.(02:284-286)(6 marks)

c. State six ways through which the Quran is preserved in present times (6 marks)

2.a. State seven teachings on morality from Surah An-Nur:(7 marks)

b. Describe the process of compilation of the Quran.(6 marks)

c. Mention seven scribes who were used by the Prophet (P.b.u.h) to record the revelation of

the Quran.(7 marks)

3.a. Discuss the significance of hadith in the life of a Muslim.(7 marks)

b. Explain the three forms of hadith.(6 marks)

c. The Prophet (P.b.u.h.) said “search for knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim male and female. “In reference to the hadith, state the importance of knowledge in Islam. (7 marks)

4.a. Mention six acts that nullify wudhu.(6 marks)

b. Identify seven categories of Muslims who qualify to receive Zakat(7 marks)

c. State the role of the Kadhi in Kenya.(7 marks)

5.a. Explain seven conditions to be fulfilled before going for Hajj.(7 marks)

b. Differentiate between fardh and Sunnah acts in Islam.(5 marks)

c. Differentiate between Islamic shariah and secular laws.(8 marks)

6.a. Give six reasons why shirk is condemned in Islam.(6 marks)

b. State the different interpretations of the word “iman”(6 marks)

c. How did the prophets of Allah facilitate divine guidance to their communities? (8 marks)

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