KCSE Past Papers 2020 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)

Home Science Paper 1

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

Instructions to Candidates

This paper consists of three sections; A, B and C

Answer all the questions in section A and B and any two questions from section C.

SECTION A (40 marks)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided

1. List four materials that are suitable for packing foods. (2 marks)

2. Identify two signs and symptoms of anaemia (2 marks)

3. Highlight one benefit of thawing frozen foods thoroughly before cooking. (2 marks)

4. State two ways of conserving vitamin C during storage. (2 marks)

5. Differentiate between batter and dough in cookery. (2 marks)

6. Identify two types of skin infections caused by poor personal hygiene. (2 marks)

7. Give the meaning of the term adolescence. (2 marks)

8. Describe the term immunisation. (2 marks)

9. ldentify two types of drainage used in the home. (2 marks)

10. ldentify two symptoms of hookworm infestation. (1 marks)

11. Identify two surfaces that are best cleaned using the scrubbing method. (2 marks)

12. State two ways in which desirable habits in children are formed. (2 marks)

13. State four pieces of information that should be included in an invoice of goods sold. (2 marks)

14. Give the meaning of the term consumer protection. (2 marks)

15. List four methods of removing dirt from surfaces. (2 marks)

16. List two special treatments given to garments after washing. (2 marks)

17. Identify two classilications of natural fibres. (2 marks)

18. Name two garments where the use of in-scam pockets would be appropriate. (2 marks)

19. State two points that should be observed to ensure that cutting out scissors work effectively. (2


20. Give two types of permanent hand stitches used to make a boy’s pair of shorts. (1 mark)

21. Identify four pattern pieces that you would draft in preparation for making an apron. (2 marks)

SECTION B (20 marks)


Answer question 22.

22. The Home Science club in your school is visiting an elderly woman in the neighbourhood as part of

community service.

Describe the procedure you would follow to:

a. Clean her plain wooden food storage cupboard; (5 marks)

b. Clean weekly the cemented pit latrine floor; (8 marks)

c. Launder her woollen sweater with a pocket. (7 marks)

SECTION C (40 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section.

23.a. Explain three advantages of planning meals in a family. (6 marks)

b. Explain four general rules to observe when drying foods ready for storage. (8 marks)

c. Describe three ways in which you can advertise a new recipe that your class has

developed. (6 marks)

24.a. Explain three problems resulting from the use of hard water in washing. (6 marks)

b. Explain four rules to be observed when patching a garment. (8 marks)

c. Describe three ways in which a faced slit opening can be made decoratively. (6 marks)

25.a. Describe three disadvantages of using charcoal as a fuel. (6 marks)

b. Explain three guidelines that ensure that the nutritional needs of a sick person at home

are met. (6 marks)

c. Explain four factors that affect normal foetal development. (8 marks)

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