KCSE Past Papers 2020 Geography Paper 2 (312/2)

Geography Paper 2


1.(a) What is dairy farming?(2 marks)

(b) State two physical conditions that favour dairy farming in Kenya.(2 marks)

2.(a) Differentiate between fishing and fisheries.(2 marks)

(b) Give three reasons why fish farming is being encouraged in Kenya.(3 marks)

3.a. Apart from coal, name two other non-renewable sources of energy.(2 marks)

b. Give three reasons why the use of coal as an industrial fuel has declined.(3 marks)

4.(a) Name three agricultural non-food processing industries found in Kenya.(3 marks)

(b) Give two reasons why some industries should be located near the market.(2 marks)

5. Use the map of Africa below to answer question a(i) and (ii).

(a) Name the:

(i) transcontinental highways in Africa marked L and M:(2 marks)

(ii) town marked S.(1 mark)

(b) List three advantages of road transport.(3 marks)


Answer question 6 and any other question from this section.

6. The table below shows estimated production of selected crops in Kenya in 2013. Use it to answer question (a).

Crops Production (Number of bags)

Maize 38,900,000

Beans 6,100,000

Sorghum 1,800,000

Millet 700,000

Source: Economic Survey of Kenya, 2014

(a)(i) Using a radius of 5 cm. draw a pie chart to represent the data in the table above.

(9 marks)

(ii) Apart from pie chart. name two statistical methods that can be used to

represent the data in the table(2marks)

(b) State three disadvantages of using pie charts to represent statistical data.(3 marks)

(c) Explain how each of the following social factors influence Agriculture:

(i) Land tenure system;(2marks)

(ii) Traditions(2 marks)

(iii) Religious beliefs.(2marks)

(d) Give five problems facing plantation farming in Kenya(5 marks)

7. (a) Differentiate between forest and forestry(2 Marks)

(b) Explain four factors influencing distribution of natural forests in Kenya(8 marks)

(c)(i) Name three types of hardwood trees found in Kenya(3 Marks)

(ii) Give four characteristics of Coniferous forests(4 marks)

(d) Explain four factors that have led to the decline of the area under forest cover in Kenya.(8 Marks)

8.(a)(i) Define the term wildlife(2 Marks)

(ii) Name three animals that are members of the Big Five in Kenya(3 marks)

(b) Explain three ways in which human activities interfere with wildlife(6 marks)

(c) Explain three effects of adverse climatic conditions on wildlife in Kenya(6 marks)

(d) Explain four ways in which wild animals are of significance to the Kenyan economy(8marks)


(i) Name three main imports lo Kenya(3 marks)

(ii) Give four measures which Kenya may take to reduce unfavourable balance of trade(4 marks)

(b) Explain three factors that influence internal trade in Kenya.(6 marks)

(c)(i) Identify the two countries in East Africa that are member states of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Atrica (COMESA).(2 marks)

(ii) State four objectives of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)(4 marks)

(d) Explain three ways in which member states have benefited from the formation of regional trading blocs in Africa(6 marks)

10. Use the map of East Africa below to answer the question a (i) and a (ii)

(a) Name the:

(i) ports marked R. S and T:(3 marks)

(ii) towns marked V, W and X.(3 marks)

(b) State five functions of Thika town.(5 marks)

(c) Explain three ways in which the port of Mombasa is similar to Rotterdam port.(6 Marks)

(d) Explain four positive effects of urbanisation of a country.(8 marks)

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