KCSE Past Papers 2020 English Paper 2 (101/2)

Marking scheme English Paper 2

(a) The word coffee is derived from Kaffa a district in Ethiopia where it was discovered

(b) Because of:

– The value of coffee as a stimulant.

– People enjoyed taking coffee because of its great taste.

– It was in high demand.

– It was a commodity of high value.

(c) Brazil took advantage of the gap created by the end of coffee growing in Sri Lanka. Brazil also had abundant land, and near optimum conditions for coffee cultivation.

(Any two, 2 x 1 = 2 marks)

(d) The coffee tree was a native plant of Ethiopia.(1) From Ethiopia it spread to Saudi Arabia (2) and later to Indonesia, Jamaica, and other West Indian Islands.(3) and many other parts of the tropics wherever the physical and climatic conditions were suitable(4) Sri-Lanka became very successful in world coffee cultivation(5) but later Brazil took the lead(6)

(6 marks awarded as indicated)

Work must be in prose form, if not, deduct up to 50% of each point

(e)– The coffee plant grows to a height of 9 metres.

– It bears pulpy berries which are dark red in colour.

– Each berry contains two seeds or beans.

3 x 1 = 3 marks

(f) It was taken from Ethiopia across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia

1 x 1 = 1 mark

(g)(i) Subordinates – people working under him

(ii) Blending – mixing

(ii) Abundant – plenty

(a)– He is Ole Kaelo’s friend and mentor.

– He is a successful businessman and a respected elder.

– He has gone to consult him on various issues including business.

(b)– He is not sure whether his friend Ole Supeyo would accept his plan to do business with Oloisudori.

– Oloisudori is known to be corrupt in the entire Nasila community.

(c) It is entrenched in this society, to get a contract, one has corrupt;(whoever wanted to eat meat must of necessity dance to the music of the man who held both the meat and the knife.

(d) Ole Supeyo

Frank /candid – He tells Ole Kaelo the truth about Oloisudori, that he is the most corrupt person in Nasila

Cautious – He warns Ole Kaelo against doing business with Oloisudori.

Caring-He cares about the welfare of Ole Kaelo’s daughters.

Ole Kaelo

Corrupt – He does business with Olbisudori who is corrupt/He accepts that one must be corrupt to succeed in business in a corrupt society./ He had spent a fortune to secure the deal

Optimistic – ” If the deal went through. “

Respectful – Listens to Ole Supeyo without opposing his views Does not openly show his dislike towards Ole Supeyo’s pieces of advice/discouragement.

Secretive/ Discreet – He had told no one about the deal (he had kept it a secret)

Superstitious. – He felt that by speaking about it, he had broken the ” spell of good fortune”

Ambitious – He had already noted that it the deal went through…

Short-tempered/ emotional – Ole Kaelo B answered angrily, his teeth set on edge

(e) Dialogue/ Direct speech – there is a conversation between Ole Kaclo and Ole Supeyo.

Local dialect – Taba!

Wise sayings/ proverb – The man with the meat was the same man with the knife. Analogy – “..after crossing a river…do not use it”

Sarcasm – Ole Supoyo tells Ole Kaelo “I’ll be glad to share some of those contracts should you run out of supplies.”/ “A man of integrity indeed,” Supeyo said.

Imagery/ metaphor – He has a reputation that would rival that of a randy Humour – Randy he-goat

Idiomatic expression- Pour cold water on. Satire .. randy he goat.”

Ellipsis -“I met the man in Nakuru …”/ “I only made contact with…” – Vivid description – He grew anxious..offices

Irony – Ole Kaela considen Ole Supeyo his mentor yet he feels that Ole Supeyo is jealous.

Rhetorical question “Do you really know what you have gotten yourself into?”/ “Do you know oloisudori?”

Hyperbole / Exaggeration / overstatement. “Here in Nasila everyone knows anyone who is corrupt. “” randy he goat.”

Symbolism – “The man with the meat is the man with the knife.”/After crossing a river…bridge…do not use it.”

(f)Ulolsudori proves that he cannot be trusted. He blackmails Ole Kaelo into forcing his daughter Resian to marry him. When Resian flees, he goes for Taiyo.

He touches Resian inappropriately .

He ogles Resian when she serves him tea.

He demands for the circumcision of Resian/ Taiyo

He tells Ole Kaelo that he has a friend who would be interested in Taiyo.

(g)They left Simiren’s house where they were living(1) for their new home.

(1) Each member of the family was engrossed in their own thoughts.


Of necessity – a must/compulsory/ has to be done./As a requirement/ inevitably/ unavoidably

Integrity – honesty behavior beyond reproach / morals/ honour / repute/uprightness/ good reputation/ probity/rectitude of virtue/ morality

(a) The poem is about the mystery of love. (1) The persona is aware that love cannot give us solutions to life’s problems, (1) but he would be reluctant to exchange love for anything (1)

(3 marks warded as indicated.)




Good health

Any two for 2 marks

(c)Repetition – rise and sink

Alliteration – man is making

Rhyme – e.g. drink and sink/regular rhyme scheme(/rain/ – /again/)

Irony – Love is not a cure to our problems yet people die for it

Personification – pinned down by pain / making friends with death Metaphor driven to sell your love/ Love is not meat nor drink

Consonance – down/ pain

Assonance- ‘it is” ‘fill thickened with’

Paradox -Yet many a man is making friends with death Symbolism – Not yet floating spur to men that sink Men Mods Onomatopoeia “moaning

( Any 4 illustrated point 1 mark each) (Accept any other correct answer)

(d) Surprisingly, many people are taking their lives because of love)- many people are dying because of love/ casual death/ reflective/ philosophical

( identification – 1 mark, Illustration – 1 mark)

(e)Analytical: the persona examines the nature of love and looks at all its aspects/He or she reveals the mystery of love.

Loyal – promises never to betray his beloved whatever the hardships he/she faces. Resolute /firm/strict/ uncompromising/unyielding/ determined-I do not think I would.”

Realistic practical/pratice/ reasonable. Love is not all.” Cynical -LOVE if not all

Optimistic/hopeful I do not think would …sell love. “

Persona is wise.

(f)Love is mysterious and powerful and if we are not careful it could lead to outrageous things.

The should handle love carefully. Love is painful futile

Love is important

We should give love a chance

( answer should not be given in negative) (Identification 2 marks, Appropriate illustration- 1 mark)

(g)pestered/bothered troubled / annoyed continually/ constantly/ torment/ worried/ disturbed

Sell – betray/ trade/ exchange/ sacrifice

(a)(i) Had it not been for the teacher’s timely advice, the student would have failed the exams.

(ii) In spite of the Council warning the traders repeatedly, the traders they insisted on hawking in the restricted area(C must be capital)


The traders insisted on hawking in the restricted areas in spite of the fact that the Council had warned them repeatedly.

(iii) Makali bought the house hit the corner for seven million

(iv) Under no circumstances will goods sold/once sold be returned. Under no circumstances will sold goods be returned.

(b)(i) dreadful/dreaded

(ii) patiently

(iii) cowardly

(c)(i) on

(ii) on/ after/ by / before

(iii) at

(d)(i) interrupting

(ii) postponed/deferred

(iii) defended/ supported

(e)They are only they are places in motion/ in the air

The people bare pilots/ they are making planes to be in motion/ in the air

The planes are designed to fly./The planes are currently flying./The planes are in the air flying

They (the people) are making planned to be in the air.

(Any wrong spelling, punctuations, tense, misuse of capitals- No mark)

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