KCSE Past Papers 2019 Home Science Paper 2 (441/2)

 Home Science Paper 2


A pattern of a girl’s skirt is provided.

You are advised to study the sketches, instructions and layout carefully before you begin the test.


1. Pattern Pieces

A. Skirt back

B. Upper skirt front

C. Lower skirt front

D. Waistband

E. Pocket

2. Plain lightweight cotton fabric 60 cm long and 90cm wide.

3. Sewing thread to match the fabric.

4. One large envelope.


Using the materials provided, lay, cut and make the LEFT HALF of the SKIRT to show the following processes:

(a) Cutting out.(12 marks)

(b) Making the dart at the back skirt.(6 ½ marks)

(c) Preparing and attaching the pocket on the upper skirt front. (Do not turn the lower seam allowance of the pocket. Stitch pocket sides only.) (9 marks)

(d) Preparing knife pleats on the lower skirt front.(12 marks)

(e) Joining the upper skirt front to the lower skirt front using an overlaid seam. Neaten one third of the overlaid seam using loop stitches.(12 marks)

(f) Making the skirt side seam using an open seam.(12 marks)

(g) Preparing and attaching the waistband. (Do not trim the seam allowance.)

Top stitch the waistband edge. Hold the waistband in place using tacking stitches and finish half of the back piece using hemming stitches. (Do not remove the tacking stitches.) (20 marks)

(h) OMIT

The management of the skirt hem.

(i) Overall presentation. (6½ marks)

At the end of the examination, firmly sew onto your work, on a single fabric, a label bearing your name and index number.

Remove the needle, pins and loose threads from your work.

Fold your work neatly and place it in the envelope provided. Do not put scraps of fabric in the envelope.



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