KCSE Past Papers 2019 Home Science Paper 2 (441/2)

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KCSE 2019 Home Science Paper 2 (441/2)



  • Work well pressed (1) and folded (½).
  • Label (½) firmly sewn (1) without concealing details (½) and
  • on a single fabric (½).
  • Pins/needles (½) unnecessary tacking threads (½) and loose threads (½) removed.
  • Made up for the left half(l).CUTTING OUT


  • All six pieces cut-out (6 x ½).
  • Smooth cutting of the upper skirt front (1) and on straight grain (½)
  • Smooth cutting of the skirt back (1) and on straight grain (½) Smooth cutting of the lower skirt front (1) and on straight
  • Smooth cutting of the lower skirt back (1) and on straight grain (‘Z)
  • Cutting of the waist band (1) on straight grain (1 x 2)
  • Cutting of waistband (/i x2)
  • Smooth cutting of pocket (1) and on straight grain (½)WAIST DART


  • Straight stitchery (1) and tapering to nothing (½)
  • Correct length of dart 8.2 cm to within 2mm (8.0 to 8.4cm) (1) Correct width of dart 1cm to within 2mm (0.8 to 1.2cm) (1) Dart pressed towards center back (CB) (1)
  • Dart flat on RS (½) and on WS (½) Dart secured at the point (1)PATCH POCKET


  • Correct turning of hem (1) of pocket mouth (6mm turning)
  • Hem finished with machine stitching (I) only.
  • Straight stitchery of pocket sides and close to the fold (2 x 1)
  • Pocket correctly reinforced at mouth (½ X 2)
  • Pocket correct width 7cm to within 2mm [6.8 to 7.2cm]
  • Correct pocket length (1) 8cm to within 2mm (7.8 to 8.2cm)
  • Pocket seam allowance well tucked under the overlaid seam(1)
  • Pocket flat (1)KNIFE PLEATS (if not knife award zero (II)

    (a) Pleats pressed towards the side seam (3 x ½)

    (b) Pleats made on three layers of fabric each

    (c) Correct number of pleats (three pleats) 3 x 1

    (d) (3 x ½)

    3 (e) Pleats well pressed (1) Even (1) and flat (1) at the overlaid seam (3 x 1)

    Correct width of pleats 2cm to within 2mm (1.8 to 2.2cm) (3 x l)

    OVERLAID SEAM (if not overlaid award zero (0)

    (a) Upper skirt front placed on the seam (1) on RS. (1) of lower

    p) skirt with raw edges well tucked under (1)

    (c) Straight stitchery (1) and close to the fold (1)

    (d)Correct width of trimmed seam (1) lcm to within 2mm (0.8 to 1.2cm) and even (½) Upper skirt and lower skirt flash at the side seam and CF (1)

    (e)Loop stitches made on one third of seam length (l)

    (f) Stitches even in length (1) and evenly (1) distributed

    (g) Stitches made on trimmed edge (1) 1

    OPEN SEAM (if not open seam, award zero (0)

    (a) Straight stitchery of seam

    (b)Seam well neatened

    (c) Correct width of seam each side lcm to within 2mm (0.8 to 1.2cm) (2 x 1)

    (d)Evenness of seam (1 x 2)

    (e) Seam pressed open (1) and flat (1) at the waist band.


    (a) Waist band edge made with straight stitchery (1) and seam allowance

    See through the light evenly trimmed (1)

    (b) Waist band well knife-edged (I)

    (c) CB end well-finished (½) with straight stitchery (½) and a pointed corner (1 )

    (d) Waistband attached with straight (1) stitchery and edge tops stitched (1) and seam not trimmed (1) (see through light)

    (e) Raw edges well tucked under on W.S. (1) and waist band held down with straight tacking stitches (1)

    (Q Half of the back waistband finished with hemming stitches (2) and tacking stitches not removed (½)

    (g) Evenness of width of waistband on RS (1) and W.S (1)

    Q) Correct width of waistband 3cm to within 2rnm (2.8cm to 3.2cm) (1 x2)

    (i) Flatness of waistband WS (1) and RS (1)

    (j) C.B seam allowance turned (1) and flash (1) with CB of 2 waistband

    (k) CF of skirt flash with CF of waistband (1) to within 2mm


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