KCSE Past Papers 2019 History and Government Paper 1 (311/1)

 History and Government paper 1

SECTION A (25 marks)

Answer all questions in this section

1. Identify Evo theories which explain the origin of man. (2 marks)

2. State two ways in which the Agikuyu interacted with the Maasai during the pre-colonial period.(2 marks)

3. Name the original homeland of the River-Lake Nilotes of Kenya. (1 mark)

4. Identify the main economic activity of the Akamba during the pre-colonial period. (1 mark)

5. Give one advantage of dual citizenship to a Kenyan. (1 mark)

6. State two ways in which national integration has promoted economic development in Kenya. (2 marks)

7. Identify one minority group whose rights were protected by the Constitution of Kenya at independence.(1 mark)

8. Outline two advantages of indirect democracy as practised in Kenya. (2 marks)

Give the type of human right which is violated if a person is unlawfully detained. (1 mark)

10. State two demands of the African Elected Members’ Organization (AEMO) presented to the Colonial Secretary in 1957. (2 marks)

Give the main contribution made by Tom Mboya which improved the welfare of workers during the colonial period.(1 mark)

12. Outline two types of cases which are determined by the Kadhis courts in Kenya. (2 marks)

13.Give two reasons that may lead to the removal of a County Governor from office in Kenya. (2 marks)

14. Identify one National Security organ of the Republic of Kenya. (1 mark)

15. Give one classification of land ownership enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya. (1 mark)

16. State two roles played by Theatre in nation building. (2 marks)

17. Give the main reason why president Daniel Arap Moi banned ethnic organisations in 1979. (1 mark)

SECTION B (45 marks)

Answer any three questions from this section

18. (a) Outline three factors that enabled the early visitors to come to the East African Coast before 1500 AD. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six effects of the Indian Ocean Trade on the East African Coastal inhabitants before 1500 AD. (12 marks)

19. (a) Give three reasons why the British used direct rule in Kenya.(3 marks)

(b) Explain sia results of collaboration between Lenana and the British. (12 marks)

20. (a) Outline three reasons why African reserves were created in Kenya during the colonial period. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six ways in which the construction of the Uganda Railway promoted economic development in Kenya. (12 marks)

21. (a) Identify three political organisations that Ronald Ngala worked with in his political career. (3 marks)

(b) Discuss six contributions of Professor Wangari Maathai in the politics of Kenya. (12 marks)

SECTION C (30 marks) Answer any five questions from this section

22. (a) State five economic challenges which Kenya was experiencing at independenc e. (5 marks )

(b) Discuss five features of African Socialism which was adopted in Kenya after independence.(10 marks)

23. (a) Give five qualities of a good public servant in Kenya. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five functions of the civil service of the National Go vernment of Kenya. (10 marks)

24. (a) State five functions of the Controller of Budget of the Government of Kenya. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five ways in which the recurrent expenditure funds are used by the County governments in Kenya. (10 marks)

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