KCSE Past Papers 2019 Computer Studies Paper 1 (451/1)

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

2019 Computer Studies – Paper 1

Section A

Answer all the questions in this section

State the hardware technological differences between the second generation and the third generation computers (2 marks)

2. State two ways of ensuring proper ventilation in a computer room. (2 marks)

3. Convert the decimal number 20.373 to its binary number system equivalent. (2 marks)

4. Peter has installed internet in his home computer in order to use it for browsing. State three ways in which he would prevent viruses from infecting his computer. (3 marks)

5. State three ways of transforming a picture embedded in a Desktop Publishing programme in order to fit in a designated space on a document. (3 marks)

6. Differentiate between a line printer and n page printer as used in computers.(2 marks)

7. Describe virtual reality as used in computers. (2 marks)

8. State the function of each of the following features of an email software:

(a) Inbox (1 marks)

(b) Draft (3 marks)

9. (a) Explain the term loggle key as used in computer keyboard. (2 marks)

(b) List examples of toggle keys on a computer keyboard. (2 marks)

10. State the type of error that would occur in data processing for each of the fol1owing cases:

(a) Entering the number 315 instead of 351. (3 marks)

(b) Entering the text “Kwys” instead of “Keys”. (3 marks)

11. State four factors to consider when selecting an input device for use in a computer room (4 marks)

12. State three functions 0f Un-interrupted power supply (UPS). (3 marks)

13. Distinguish between a page break and a column break as used in a word processor. (3 marks)

l4. State three factors to consider when selecting an operating system to instal in a computer (3 marks)

15. Differentiate between analogue data and digital daia as used in computers. (2 marks)

Section B

Answer question 16 and any other 3 questions from this section.

16. (a) Explain the term dry running as used in program development.(2 marks)

(b) Explain three properties of an algorithm. (6 marks)

(c) To qualify to get a driving license,an applicant must be 18 years or over.

Ten candidates applied for a driving license test.

Draw a flow chart that would read the name and age of an applicant and display the names of those who qualify, (7 marks)

17.(a) State four outcomes that may result from using incorrect requirement specifications during system development (4 marks)

(b) A school opted to use direct change over approach when installing a new system.

Explain three challenges that die school may face as a result of this approach. (6 marks)

(c) State three reasons that may lead an organisation to install an intranet.(3 marks)

(d) The figure below shows a coaxial cable .State the function of the part labelled A. (2 marks)

18. (a) State three hardware devices that may be required to connect a computer to an existing local area network. (3 marks)

(b) A publisher intends to use a desktop publishing programme to create a publication which is to have many graphics.

State three ways in which the graphics may be acquired for this purpose. (3 marks)

(c) Interpret each of the following spread sheet formula :

; (i) =countif(D2:D9,”>”$B4) (2 marks)

(ii) =sumif(B3:B11,”4M”,D3:D11)

(d) (i) The following are Ellie fields of products fable in a database created to store records of products manufacturing in a factory:

• product number

• product name

• price

• product description

1. State the appropriate data type for each field. (2 marks)

II. State three properties to be put in place during table design to ensure integrity of the data entered. (3 marks)

19. Explain three features of a graphical user interface as used in computers (6 marks)

(b) State the function of each of the following computer keyboard keys:

(i) Caps Lock (1 marks)

(ii) Shift (1 marks)

(iii) Home (1 marks)

(c) Using two’s complement notation,determine the value of the operation 2510-2910

(6 marks)

20. (a) Distinguish between computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and computer Aided Learning (4 marks)

(b) (i) State four activities that may be carried out when disposing off an old system in an organisation. (4 marks)

(c) State three benefits gained from the advancement in technology in the music industry (3 marks)


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