KCSE Past Papers 2018 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)

 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)

1. Identify four signs and symptoms of food poisoning.(2 marks)

2. Define the term nutrients.(2 marks)

3. Highlight two functions of raw garnishes in the presentation of meals.(2 marks)

4. State two characteristics of foods that have been overcooked through prolonged boiling.(2 marks)

5.Distinguish between meal planning and meal management. (2 marks)

6.List four water borne diseases.(2 marks)

7.Identify two ways of sterilising a baby’s feeding equipment. (2 marks)

8.Give the meaning of the term ante-natal care.(2 marks)

9.Identify one benefit of increasing iron rich foods in a mother’s diet. (1 marks)

10.State two advantages ofa well-lit room.(2 marks)

11.Highlight two limitations of burning as a method of refuse disposal. (2 marks)

12.Differentiate between loose and fixed dirt.(2 marks)

13.Highlight the benefit of consumer protection.(1 marks)

14.State two disadvantages of buying goods by hire purchase.(2 marks)

15.State two purposes of steeping a soiled handkerchief in cold salty water.(2 marks)

16. Give the meaning of the term laundry processes. (2 marks)

17. A pleat is constructed by making folds to form three layers of fabric. Name two such layers.(1 mark)

18. Give one function of each of the following pattern markings in garment construction. (2 marks)

(a) Notch

(b) Dart

19. Outline two preparations done on a fabric before cutting out.(2 marks)

20. State three reasons why cotton fabric is popularly used for table linen.(3 marks)

21. Differentiate between conspicuous and inconspicuous seams.(2 marks)

SECTION B (20 marks) (Compulsory)

Answer question 22 in the spaces provided.

22. Your sister who is a nurse is unwell and has requested you.to assist her with household chores. Describe the procedure you would follow to:

(a) Thoroughly clean her white canvas shoes without shoe laces.(9 marks)

(b) Wash and starch her nurse’s cap using boiling water starch.(11 marks)

SECTION C (40 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided after question 25.

23. (a) Describe three forms of advertisement.(6 marks)

(b) Explain three benefits of providing a diet rich in vegetables.(6 marks)

(c) Explain four precautions to take to prevent occurrence of food poisoning when handling left over foods. (8 marks)

24. (a) Explain two factors to consider when choosing a wooden clothes’ drying rack. (4 marks)

(b) Explain four points to observe on the care of a sewing machine.(8 marks)

(c) Describe the effects of the following practices when laundering wool:(8 marks)

(i) Soaking

(ii) Using cold water

(iii) Drying under direct sunlight

(iv) Using friction method

25. (a) Highlight six precautions to take when using electricity in the house.(6 marks)

(b) Explain four factors to consider when building a house.(8 marks)

(c) Describe three types of play that contribute positively to the development of a child.(6 marks)

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