KCSE Past Papers 2018 English Paper 3 (101/3)

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

2018 English Paper 3

Answer three questions only.

1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory)(20 marks)


(a) Write a composition beginning:

1 wondered why the principal had summoned me.


(b) Describe the estate or village you live in.

2. Compulsory Set Text(20 marks)

Bertolt Brecht, The Caucasian Chalk Circle

With illustrations from Bertolt Brecht’s the Caucasian Chalk Circle, write a composition entitled:Self Centredness Does not Pay.

3. The Optional Set Texts(20 marks)

Answer any one of lhe following lhree questions.


(a) The Short Story (20 marks)

Chris Wanjala (Ed.), Memories We Lost

Drawing examples from Barry McKinley’s short story“Almost Home”, write a composition on the topic: “Some people keep making one bad decision after another.”


Q) Drama

Francis Imbuga, Betrayal in the Cry›

(c)John Steinbeck, The Pearl With illustrations from John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write an essay showing the evil nature

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