KCSE Past Papers 2018 Computer Studies Paper 2 (451/2)

2018 Computer Studies – Paper1

2 1. (a) In a school, students reside in three dormitories Red, Blue and Orange. Each dormitory is managed by a patron and each student is required to register for a game.

(i) Open a database program and create a database named schoolgames that would be used to manage the games. (1 mark)

(ii) Create the tables named; Student, Patron, Dormitory and Game in the database created in (i) using the following specifications. (7 marks)

Student table


Field name Description
Stud No Contains  unique registration code
Studname Contains the name of a student
Gamecode Contains codes of each game
Dormcode codes codes of each dormitory

Patron table


Field name Description
Patroncode Contains the  patronode name
Patronname Contains the patron name

Dormitory table


Field name Description
Dormcode Contains the Dormcode name
Dormname Contains the domitory code
Patroncode Contains the domitory patron code

Game table


Field name Description
Gamecode contains the game code
Gamename contains the name of the game

(iii) Create the relationships between the tables. (3 marks)

(b) (i) Create a form for each table that would be used for data entry. (2 marks)

(ii) Enter the following data into their respective tables:(9 marks)

Student table


Stud No Stud name Gamecode Dormcode
Koo1 Ann Gmoo4 D003
Koo2 Chris Gmoo3 D001
Koo3 Jared Gmoo1 D002
Koo4 Julian Gmoo4 D003
Koo5 Marion Gmoo1 D003
Koo6 Janet Gmoo2 D003
Koo7 Tom Gmoo2 D002
Koo8 Jerry Gmoo3 D002

Patron table


Patroncode patronname
Poo1 Maurice
Poo2 Edward
Poo3 Jane

Dormitory table


Dormcode Dormname Patroname
D00l Red P001
D002 Blue P002
D003 Orange P003

Games table


Gamecode Gamename
Gmoo1 Basketball
Gmoo2 Volleyball
Gmoo3 Table Tenis
Gmoo4 Netball

(c) Create a query to extract each of the following details:

(i) StudNo, Studentname and Gamename for all students who reside in the Orange dormitory or play Basketball. Save the query as orangeq. (5 marks)

(ii) StudNo, studentname, gamename for the students whose studentname start with letter “J”. Save the query as Jquery. (3 marks)

(d) (i) Create a tabular report showing the StudNo, Studentname, Dormname, Patronname, Gamename and grouped by Gamename. Save the report as reportgame. (8 marks)

(ii) Format the report created in (i) as follows:

I Replace the report title with the text “players for each game” (1 mark)

II Enter your name and index as a report footer. III Bold the dormitory names in the report. (e) Print out each of the following:

(i) Student, Patron, Game and Dormitory tables

(ii) Jquery and orangeq

(iii) reportgame

2 (a) (i) Open a word processing program and key in the following text as it appears. Save the documents as socialnetwork. (11 marks)


Social networking platforms are used by organisation to improve communication and productivity by disseminating information among different groups of employees in a more efficient manner.

The advantages and disadvantages of social media are as follows.


• Facilities open communication.

• Allows employees to discuss ideas.

• Provides an opportunity to widen business contracts.

• Targets a wide audience.

• Improves business reputation and client base.

• Expands market research.



  • Susceptible to fraud
  • Potentially results to hate speech
  • Destructs normal business operationsEmployers do have the right to ban computer activity that is not work related, this approach may not yield optimal results.

    If employees are to be allowed access to social networking platforms then a comprehensive and well defined policy should be established to prevent abuses.

    (ii) Format the document as follows:

    I Title: Font size l8pts, font colour red, font type Tahoma. (3 marks)

    II Apply double line spacing for the text under the sub title “Advantages”. (2 marks)

    III Apply a 4 lined drop cap on the first letter of first paragraph. (3 marks)

    IV Apply a two-columns format with a line between for the text with the two subtitles such that “Advantages” are to the left column and “Disadvantages” are in the right column. (4 marks)

    V Apply bold, italic and underline to subtitles “Advantages” and “Disadvantages”.

    (iii) Apply the following format to the document: (3 marks)

    I Insert a water mark with the text “social media” on the document of a font size of 20 and running diagonally from left to right. (4 marks)

    II Insert page numbers at the bottom centre of every page. (2 marks)

    III Insert the text “social networks” as a header aligned to the right. Apply italics to the header. (3 marks)

    (b) The following is a letter from a Principal of Malimali school to other Principals inviting them for a seminar at the country education offices.

    (i) Open a new document and create the following as it appears. Save the document as Malimali (2½ marks)

    The Principal


    Dear Sir


    You are invited to attend the Principal’s seminar which is scheduled to be at the county education office on the 2nd of June 2015.

    You are booked to be in <> We are looking forward to a successful event.

    Yours Faithfully Lilango Jotema

    Malimali School Principal

    (ii) Use a mail merge feature to generate customised mails for the addresses shown in the following table. Save the mail merged document as Aletters. (9½ marks)

    School Room
    Ginga School Room 6
    Lubi School Room 8
    Trans School Room 10

    (c) Print out each of the following:(i) socialnetwork

    (ii) Malimali

    (iii) Aletters (3 marks)

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