KCSE Past Papers 2016 Business Studies Paper 1(565/1)

KCSE Past Papers 2016 Business Paper 1

2016 Business Studies paper 1

1. State four external factors that may negatively influence the operations of a business. (4 marks)

2. Highlight four benefits of a business plan to an entrepreneur. (4 marks)

3. State four ways in which a good filing system may facilitate the operations of an office. (4 marks)

4. Highlight four activities that may be carried out in a stock exchange market. (4 marks)

5. Outline four circumstances under which a co-operative society may be dissolved. (4 marks)

6. Outline four methods that the government of Kenya uses to regulate business activities. (4 marks)

7. State four ways in which a youthful population may be useful to an economy. (4 marks)

8. Outline one circumstance under which each of the following telecommunication services may be used: (4 marks)

(i) Paging

(ii) Facsimile (fax)

(iii) Radio call

(iv) Telex

9. The following transactions relate to Jelimo Stores:

(a) 10″‘ October 2015 sold unused stationery for Sh 3.000 on credit to K. Likia.

(b) 23`d October 2015, bought a motor vehicle on credit from Onjwaria Motors for Sh 700.000.

Required: Record the above transactions in the general Journal given below: (4 marks)

10. State four features of an insurable interest. (4 marks)

11. State four features of a parastatal (4 marks).

13. Outline four functions of the World Bank. (4 marks)

14. Outline four ways of reducing the level of unemployment in Kenya. (4 marks)

15. The following balances were extracted from the books of Highlife General Stores on 31″ December 2015.

Required: Prepare the balance sheet of Highlife General Stores as at 31sI December 2015. (4 marks)

16. Outline four circumstances in which the government may be involved in business. (4 marks )

7. Identify the ledgers in which the following accounts are kept. (4 marks)

17. Identify the ledgers in which the following accounts are kept. (4 marks)

18. The following diagram represents the circular flow of income in a two sector closed economy.

Identify two factors represented by each of the arrows labelled a and b. (4 marks)

19. State four reasons for privatising public corporations. (4 marks)

20. State four reasons for the increased use of cell phones in banking. (4 marks)

21. List four sources of public finance. (4 marks)

22. State two situations in which each of the following types of inflation may occur.

(i) Creeping inflation (2 marks)

(ii) Hyperinflation (2 marks)

23. Outline four factors that may make a producer to by-pass the wholesaler when distributing goods. (4 marks)

24. Outline four goals of development to a country. (4 marks)

25. Outline four characteristics of services. (4 marks)

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