KCSE Past Papers 2015 CRE Paper 2 (313/2)

Paper 2

1 (a)Outline Jeremiah’s prophecies about the Messiah (Jeremiah 23: 5-6).(6 marks)

(b)Describe the incident when an angel visited the shepherds on the night Jesus was born. (Luke 2: 8-15). (7 marks)

(c)List seven virtues which Christians acquire while celebrating the birth of Jesus. (7 marks)

2 (a)Describe the incident in which Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter. (Luke 8: 40-56)(7 marks)

(b)State six lessons Christians learn about Jesus from the raising of Iairus’ daughter. (6 marks)

(c)How is the Church in Kenya helping the sick? (7 marks)

3 (a)Identify the events that took place between the death and burial of Jesus.(Luke 23: 44-56). (7 marks)

(b)How did Jesus reveal himself to the two men going to Emmaus? (Luke 24:13 – 31). (6 marks)

(c)Why is the resurrection of Jesus important to Christians? (7 marks)

4 (a)Describe the events that took place on the day of Pentecost. (Acts 2: 1-41) (8 marks)

(b)In what ways can Christians identify those who are led by the Holy Spirit among themselves? (5 marks)

(c)How are the gifts of holy Spirit manifested in the Church today? (7 marks)

5 (a)Identify the causes of premarital sex among the youth in Kenya today.(8 marks)

(b)State the Christian teaching on marriage. (7 marks)

(c)Give reasons why virginity is encouraged in both traditional African communities and Christianity. (5 marks)

6 (a) List seven ways in which wealth is acquired in traditional African communities. (7 marks)

(b) Explain the negative effects of the introduction of money economy in traditional African communities. (7 marks)

(c) How can Christians in Kenya help to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor? (6 marks)

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