KCSE Past Papers 2014 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)

KCSE Past Papers Home Science 2014

4.13.1 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)


1. Functions of proteins in the body are:

‘ for the growth and repair of damaged tissues.

‘ is a major component of body muscle, brain, haemoglobin, hormones, antibodies.

‘ provides heat and energy when carbohydrates are absent or insufficient.

~ prevents kwashiorkor.

Any 2 x 1 = 2 marks

2. Advantages of using a wooden spoon for cooking.

Does not;

‘ scratch cooking utensils.

‘ make noise while stirring.

‘ conduct heat.

– rust.

‘ bend while in use.

Any 4 X 1/2 =2 marks

3. Reasons for blanching vegetables.

‘ stops the action of enzymes.

~ kills bacteria.

‘ retains nutrients.

‘ retains colour.

‘ reduces bulk.

Any 4 x 1/2 = 2 marks

4. Ways of minimizing fatigue while working in the kitchen.

‘ Using a trolley/tray to cany dishes/ingredients.

‘ Using a hatch between the dinning room and the kitchen.

‘ Using the correct equipment for the task being done.

‘ Placing ingredients and utensils within reach.

‘ Using surface of comfortable height.

‘ Using labour saving equipment.

‘ Using a time plan.

‘ Working in a well lit area.

‘ Dovetailling.

Any 4 X 1/2 = 2 marks

5. Distinguish between garnishing and decoration.

~ Garnishing is adding colourful raw or cooked food items to a savoury dish to make it look attractive and appetising while decorating is adding raw or cooked food items to a sweet dish to make it look attractive and appetising.

6. Definition of ventilation

‘ A process of introducing fresh air into a room and getting rid of stale air from the room. 1 mark

7. Advantages of using gas as a fuel in the home.

It is;

– Clean in use.

‘ Relatively cheap.

‘ Convenient to use.

‘ Easy to control/regulate.

~ Portable.

Any 3 x 1 =3 marks

8. Disadvantages of concealed drainage system.

‘ Expensive to install.

‘ Most suitable Where there is piped Water.

‘ Needs experts to unblock therefore expensive to repair.

Any 2 x 1 = 2 marks

9. Sources of consumer information.

– Mass media.

‘ Manufacturers.

– Consumers.

‘ Government bodies.

‘ Internet.

‘ Exhibition/trade fairs.

Any 2 x = 1 mark

10. Meaning of counterfeit.

It is an imitation of what is a genuine item @ with an intention to deceive/defraud 2 marks

11. Vaccines a child should be given by age of nine months.

‘ BCG( Bacillus Calmette Guerrin )

‘ OPV ( Oral Polio Vaccine )

‘ DPT ( Diptheria, Pertusis/whooping cough, Tetanus )

‘ Hepatitis B, haemophillus Influenza Type B

‘ Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV l0)

‘ Measles

‘ Yellow fever

‘ Vitamin A

12. Uses of the following items in first aid

(i) Safety pin

‘ removing foreign object arising from injury

‘ securing bandages

‘ piercing Any 2 x 1/2 = 1 mark

(ii) Cotton swabs

‘ controlling bleeding

‘ cleaning a wound

‘ applying ointment

Any 2 X = 1 mark

13. Points on the care given to a child with fever at home.

‘ Dress with light clothes.

‘ Give plenty of fluids.

‘ Sponge with a cloth wrung out of warm water.

‘ Give medication to lower the fever.

Any 3 x 1=3 marks

14. Points to consider when sorting clothes for washing.

According to ;

– Use/purpose.

‘ Colour.

‘ Degree of soiling.

~ Age.

– Type of fabric.

‘ State of health.

4 X 1/2 : 2 marks

15. Points to observe when hanging clothes in the wardrobe.

‘ Fasten the garment to retain shape and avoid slipping off / secure skirts and garments with wide necklines on hooks on the hangers with tapes.

– Hang garments straight.

‘ Hang each garment on its own hanger.

‘ Hang similar clothes together for neatness and easy retrieval.


16. Factors that determine the width of a hem on a garment.

‘ Shape of the edge.

‘ Weight of the fabric.

‘ Style/ design

17. Reasons for using machine fell seam on children’s garments.

It is;

‘ Strong.

~ Flat.

‘ Comfortable to the wearer.

‘ Decorative.

2 x 1 = 2 marks

18. Uses of interfacing in garment construction.

‘ Stiffening to add firmness.

‘ Preventing stretching or sagging.

‘ Giving body or shape.

– Increasing crease resistance.

‘ Giving a crisp tailored look to the area where applied

‘ Obtaining a good knife edge.

3 x 1 = 3 marks

19. Differentiate between a fibre and a fabric.

‘ A fibre is a hairlike unit of raw material from which cloths are made while a fabric is a cloth that is woven or knitted from a yarn/thread.

2 marks

20. Pattern symbols

imageeeee (a) place on fold of fabric 1 mark

(b) ioi Single notch/balance mark 1 mark

SECTION B (20 marks)

21. (a) Factors to consider when setting a table for invited guests.

~ The number of guests.

‘ The number of courses.

‘ The cutlery and crockery required.

‘ The menu.

‘ The occasion

Any 3 x 1 = 3 marks

(b) Procedure to follow when arranging flowers for ®e party.

‘ Ensure the flowers are fresh (not withered).

‘ Take the wire mesh or pin holder and place in the flower vase. ®

‘ Fill the vase three quarter full of water. ® ‘

‘ First ® place the tallest stem G) of foliage and then fill in with depending on the desired shape.®

‘ Avoid using a lot of short stemmed flowers tucked in around the rim ® ‘ Check if the flower arrangement is in order. ®

‘ Adjust appropriately. ®

‘ Avoid overcrowding the flowers. ®

9 marks

(c) Procedure of cleaning a canvas bag.


‘ Collect equipment and materials®

~ Empty the bag

~ Shake ®t0 remove loose dirt.

~ Soak in cold water. ®

~ Wash in warm ® soapy water, ® scrub ,® using a soft ® brush / maize cob, use circular movement. ®

‘ Rinse ® in warm ® water, final rinse ® in cold ® water.

‘ Shake ® to remove excess water and to straighten the fibre.

~ Dry ® on a cloth line.

‘ Store

8 marks


22. (a) Details found on bread wrapping. ‘ Weight.

‘ Manufacturer.

‘ Ingredients.

‘ Best before date / sell by date/expiry date.

‘ Contacts of manufacturer.

~ Conditions for storage.

~ Brand name.

‘ Quality assurance mark.

6 X 1/2 = 3 marks

(b) (i) Advantages of budgeting the family income:

0 Acts as a guide to wise buying / helps to avoid impulse buying.

* Assists planning / provides a basis for analysing the needs of the family.

‘ Gives room for saving.

‘ Assists family to live within their means.

~ Enables the family to give priority to essential items.

~ Gives psychological satisfaction.

(ii) Problems faced by consumers in Kenya today.

‘ Lack of money / low financial ability – many consumers may not afford basic needs due to lack of money.

° Counterfeit goods – some goods in the market are not original therefore low quality.

‘ Inflation – leads to price increase therefore consumers spend more on less.

‘ Lack of information – consumer lacking information conceming available goods and services.

~ Lack of awareness of consumer rights – many consumers do not know their rights, thus leading to exploitation.

‘ Scarcity of goods services eg. have money but no goods available.

2 x 2 = 4 marks

(c) (i) Principles of food preservation.

‘ Application of heat.

‘ Removal of water / moisture / dehydration.

‘ Exclusion of air / oxygen.

‘ Reduction of temperature.

‘ Application of preservatives / chemicals.

Any 2 x 1 = 2 marks

(ii) Disadvantages of preserving food.

‘ May lead to destruction of some nutrients.

‘ Food may change in taste/flavour and colour.

‘ May lead to food poisoning if poorly preserved.

* Some foods are rendered unsuitable to some groups of people.

Any 2 x 2 = 4 marks

(d) Process of making yeast mixtures.

(i) Fermentation.

(ii) Mixing.

(m) First kneading.

(iv) First proving.

(v) Second kneading.

(vi) Shaping.

(vii) Second proving.

(viii) Baking.

Well arranged 8 x 1/2 = 4 marks 23. (a) (i) Materials suitable for finishing floors in a living room.

‘ Ceramic tiles / PVC tiles.

‘ Cement.

‘ Wood.

‘ Linoleum.

~ Thermoplastic.

– Marble.

(ii) Activities that take place in a living room.

Reading / studying.

Listening to music.

Watching television.

Taking meals.

Entertaining visitors.


Playing indoor games.

Holding meetings.

(b) Functions of each of the following in relation to pregnancy.


‘ Provision of oxygen to the foetus.

‘ Provision of nutrients to the foetus.

~ Assists in excretion.

‘ Filters harmful substances.

Amniotic fluid

~ Helps the foetus to move.

‘ Acts as a shock absorber.

– Lubricates body parts.

‘ Helps foetus lungs to develop.

‘ Keeps the foetus Warm.

(c) Procedure of caring for a household duster after use.

Shake G) outside after use/remove any unwanted material.

Soak ®in cold water.

Wash G) thoroughly in warm G) soapy water.

Rinse ® in warm water® and finally in cold ® Water to refreshen ® the fabric.

Dry in the open ® air.

Store ® in a dry well ventilated ® place.

Ways of enhancing personal health.

Eat a balanced diet.

Get adequate sleep and rest.

Exercise regularly.

Take plenty of water.

‘ Have regular medical check up.

‘ Maintain positive mental attitude.

‘ Well fitting clothes/shoes.

Any 5 x 1 = 5 marks

24. (a) Methods of softening temporary hard water for laundry Work.


– Boiling.

‘ Addition of commercial water softeners.

‘ Use of sodium carbonate.

‘ Adding slaked lime (calcium hydroxide).

Any 4 x 1 = 4 marks

(b) Points to observe When working hand stitches:

~ Use correct size of needle and thread for the fabric.

~ Use correct tension.

‘ Choose correct stitch for the intended purpose.

‘ Use colour of thread that matches that of fabric except when decorating.

‘ Use a thimble to push needle.

‘ fasten on and off.

4 x 1 = 4 marks

(c) Qualities of a well made patch on a pillow case.

‘ Should lie flat.

‘ Should be inconspicuous unless decorative.

– Should be of the correct weight in relation to the article.

‘ Should match in grain with the article.

‘ Stitching should be done close to the edge.

~ The edges should be Well tucked in

4 x 1 = 4 marks

(d) Properties of linen that make it suitable for bedsheets.

‘ Is a good conductor of heat so keeps the body cool When hot and warm when cold ‘ Is absorbent so it is comfortable.

‘ Is strong to Withstand frequent laundering and strong detergents.

‘ Can Withstand high temperature so it can be sterilized by boiling and ironing.

‘ Does not generate static electricity, so Will not get dirty fast.

‘ Dyes easily making it possible to obtain variety in colours.

0 Lustrous making it appealing to the eye.

4 x 2 : 8 marks

4.13.2 Home Science Paper 2 (441/2)


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