KCSE Past Papers 2014 CRE Paper 1 (313/1)

KCSE Past Papers CRE 2014

3.10.1 Christian Religious Education Paper 1 (313/1)

1 (a)Explain why the Bible is considered as the word of God. (7 marks)

(b)State the effects of translating the Bible into African local languages. (7 marks)

(c)List six versions of the Bible used in Kenya today. (6 marks)

2 (a)Describe the call of Moses (Exodus 3:l»22). (8 marks)

(b)Outline seven plagues that God used to demonstrate his power in Egypt. (7 marks)

(c)Give five reasons why Christians are commanded not to steal. (5 marks)

3 (a)State the achievements of Solomon as the King of Israel. (7 marks)

(b)Outline the importance of the temple in Jerusalem to the Israelites. (7 marks)

(c)Give six lessons that modern political leaders in Kenya can learn from King Solomon. (6 marks)

4 (a)Explain three categories of true prophets in the Old Testament. (6 marks)

(b)Outline six similarities between the traditional African and true prophets in the Old Testament. (6 marks)

(c)State eight challenges which church leaders in Kenya face in their work. (8 marks)

5 (a)Describe the political background to Nehemiah. (5 marks)

(b)Identify seven occasions when Nehemiah prayed. (7 marks)

(c)State the importance of prayer in the life of a Christian. (8 marks)

6 (a)How do the aged in traditional African communities prepare their family members before they die? (7 marks)

(b)State the traditional African understanding of spirits. (5 marks)

(c)What is the responsibility of the living towards the ancestors in traditional African communities? (8 marks)

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