KCSE Past Papers 2014 Biology Paper 3 (231/3)

4.4.3 Biology Paper 3 (231/3)

1. (a) (i) Bubbles / gas formed/effervescence/foam/frith;

lime water turns white/white ppt/milky/cloudy;

(2 marks)

(ii) Gas produced is carbon (IV) Oxide/C02/carbon dioxide;

which reacts with lime water to form a white precipitate/calcium carbonate/ insoluble sent;

(2 marks)

(iii) Respiration / anaerobic respiration / fermentation/ aerobic respiration; (1 mark)

(iv) Respiration

(v) To provide optimum temperatures; for enzymes activity/action/working/ reaction;


(ii) X400; (eye piece lens x high objective lens) (1 mark)

(iii) Yeast; (1 mark)

2. (a) (i) Angiospermatophyta/Angiospermae; (1 mark)

(ii) E – veins on leaves / flowers / seeds;

F – narrow / parallel veined leaves.





(b) (i)

(iii)Pricky/thorny/spiny/spines Smooth/hairy;(4 marks)

Woody / hard Herbacious / soft

Green / Grey Purple;

Non-succulent Succulent/juicy fleshy

Max. (5 marks) (2 marks)

(m) Pricky/thorny/spiny: for protection against brosers/herbivourous/animals; Woody/hard: for mechanical support;

. (a) (i) A

(ii) Presence of scapula/shoulder blade;

Presence of Olecranon process/ulna/radius/humerus

(b) J Radius

K Femur

M Metatarsals

(4 marks) (c) Pelvic girdle(1 mark)

(d) H Gliding joint(2 marks)

L Hinge joint(3 marks)

(e) Component Function(1 mark)

Ligament; Attach a bone to another bone;(2 marks)

Cartilage Shock absorber/facilitate gliding/reduce friction Synovial fluid Lubrication/reduce friction/shock absorber Synovial membrane; Secretes synovial fluid;




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