KCSE Past Papers 2014 Art and Design Paper 1 (442/1)

KCSE Past Papers Art and Design 2014

3.14.1 Art & Design Paper 1 (442/1)

SECTION A (20 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

1 (a) Study the composition below.

Identify the two most outstanding elements and one principle conveyed in the composition.(3 marks)

(b)Explain the tenn “pendant” with reference to ornaments.(2 marks)

(c) Give two basic reasons for decorating fabrics.(2 marks)

(d) What is the difference between human figure drawing and portraiture?(2 marks)

(e) State two reasons why a fabric may be crumpled, twisted or plaited when using it to create a collage.(2 marks)

(f) Study the print below.

Name the printing technique used to produce it.(1 mark)

(g) Explain the term “priming” and state its function in painting.(2 marks)

(h)Identify the visual symbol illustrated above and state its function.(2 marks)

(i) Distinguish between the terms hue and pigment.(2 marks)

(j)Identify the type face represented by the letter above and name the part labelled X.

SECTION B (25 marks)

Answer ALL the questions from this section in the spaces provided. below.

2 Using the stippling technique, create three dimensional effect on the font illustrated (4 marks)

3 The illustration below represents a process in the production of an artwork.

Name the pans labelled A-F and classify them under materials, tools and equipment. (6 marks)

4 Explain the following techniques of decorating clay articles:

(a) incising;(1 mark)

(b) Slip trailing;(1 mark)

(0) Inlaying;(1 mark)

(d) Excising;(1 mark)

(e) S graffito;(1 mark)

5 In the space provided, create an inverse repeat pattern using the motif below.(5 marks)


6 Read the following statement and rewrite it in calligraphic lettering in the box below.(5 marks)

“A noble character is not inherited,

It is earned by individual effort”.

SECTION C (15 marks)

Answer any ONE question from this section.

Write your answers in the space provided after question 9.

7 (a) Name the structure illustrated below and state the material used to construct it.(3 marks)

(b) Describe how you would use the structure to make a form in “papier mache”. (12 marks)

8 (b) What is a badge? (1 mark)

(b) Name and explain four components of a badge. (12 marks)

(c) State two functions of colour in a badge. (2 marks)

9 (a) With the aid of a labelled illustration describe the term ‘waisting’ in reference to weaving. (4 marks)

(b) Explain four ways of achieving firmness of yarn in a mat made using the ghiordes knot. (8 marks)

(c) State three main ways of finishing a woven mat. (3 marks)

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