KCSE Past Papers 2011 CRE Paper 2 (313/2)

33.2 Christian Religious Education Paper 2 (313/2)

1 (a) Basing your answer on the infancy narratives in Luke 1:5-56, describe what took place when Mary visited Elizabeth. (6 marks)

(b) Identify six lessons that Christians learn from the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth. (6 marks)

(c) State eight ways through which Christians in Kenya express their joy for the birth of Jesus. (8 marks)

2 (a) With reference to the sermon on the plain, outline five teachings of Jesus on how human beings should relate to one another. (5 marks)

(b) Describe the incident in which Jesus forgave the sinful woman in Luke 7:36 – 50. (8 marks)

(c) Give seven reasons why Christians should ask for forgiveness from God. (7 marks)

3 (a) Outline the instructions that Jesus gave to the seventy two disciples when he sent them on a mission. (8 marks)

(b) Relate the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:9-14). (5 marks)

(c) Give seven reasons that make Christians pray. (7 marks)

4 (a) Explain how Peter’s life was transformed on the day of pentecost (Acts 4:211-40). (8 marks)

(b) Outline Saint Paul’s teaching on how the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be used in the church. (5 marks)

(c) State seven reasons why some Christians find it difficult to help the sick. (7 marks)

5 (a) Give sevenreasons for the importance of manual work in Kenya today. (7 marks)

(b) List seven activities that the youth should engage in during their leisure time. (7 marks)

(c) State six consequences of denying employees rest. (6 marks)

6 (a) Explain seven ways in which Christians can contribute towards the maintenance of law and order in society. (7 marks)

(b) State seven methods of disciplining errant members in traditional African communities. (7 marks)

(c) Identify six obstacles to effective maintenance of law and order in Kenya today. (6 marks)


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