KCSE Past Paper 2 Computer Studies 2013

Computer Studies Paper 2 (451/2)

1 a (i) Creating a database named PATIENTSINFO Caps

Table 1 ii) Creating and naming the table (Patients) 1 mark

Creating and naming fields (underscored or joined or spaced) 4 fields

Table 2

Creating and naming the table (Doctors)

Creating and naming fields

Table 3

Creating and naming the table (Consultations)

Creating and naming fields

5 @ 2 mark each

(iii) Primary keys

Table 1: Patients number

Table 2: Doctors number

Table 3: Consultation number

(iv) Two relationships (correct fields)

(b) (i) Creating data entry forms (forms with all fields)

(ii) Data entry – 18 records

(C) (i) Display of patient names and gender

Naming query – Patient Age

Computation age column

Age(Year[consultation date]-[year of birth])

(ii) Selecting conect fields – Name Ailment

Consultation date 2 mark, Criteria – Beatrice 2

Doctor name = “Beatrice”

Saving the query – Beatricedetails

d) (i) Selection of tables patients and doctors

Selection of fields 4 (Names. Consultation date, ailment, names of doctors)

Grouping (patient name)

Grouping total (count of number of consultations)

(ii) Saving the report – Consultations

Report title – Consultations per patient

(c)(i) Printing 3 tables

(ii) Printing 2 queries

(iii) Printing 1 report

(iv) Printing l form (consultation)

2 (a) Margin – page layout 4

Orientation (order/arrangement of back/spine/front)

Paper size

Saving (Book Cover)

Fit of the three parts – back, spine and front


(b) Authors / Rectangle

Text typing I mark text either case

Text box positioning/text position at centre

lnsertion of Rectangle/text-box

Fill type (gradient shading)/gradient centre

Positioning the rectangle


Inserting textbox/thick outline border

Book title

text typing (capital) text + title case

positioning in relation to the front cover


Position of the computer

Drawing four polygons

Filling polygons 4 penalise for wrong



Six sided star 5 sided and 8 sided

No outline

Fill pattem

Copying and pasting star

Positioning star 1 and star 2

Lower rectangle



Sizing _

Outline (bigger)

Filling (fill) different from the border

Revised edition triangle

Right angled triangle


Fill (white) – no shade

Text typing 1 mark )

Textbox rotation

Quick revision guide

Typing text (text & caps + initial)

Background colour of the textbox

Positioning of textbox

Nyota Publishing Press

Typing Text

Positioning of textbox


Typing of text (text & case)


Positioning of text box

Background (fill pattem)

Fitting in between


Spine star

Resizingl I star fitting inside the spine


Copying star/existence of the star


Positioning star 2


Big rectangle

Outline (thick border)

Fitting _

Filling/any fill

Rounded rectangle

Outline (none)

Filling (no fill)/ white


Sizing/fitting proportional to the rectangle

Correct shape

Text in rounded rectangle

Typing text 4 paragraphs (existence and completeness

Bullets (style & character)

Paragraphing (spacing)

title case -last paragraph

ISBN rectangle

Text ISBN 2145

Bars varying thickness

Position of ISBN and Bars

No fin ISBN and bars

Text at bottom

Copyright symbol

Text and case



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