The new syllabus is a competence-based one, that will help to produce all-round candidates compared to the older curriculum which was more knowledge-based.

The previous syllabus had lacked soft skilled programmes however, the new curriculum consists of short-term skilled based programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, graphic design, Information and cybersecurity and blockchain technology.

This is in a bid to enable learners to move hand in hand with current technology trends.

With the revamped syllabus, exams will be done in three sittings, that’s in May, August and December compared to the usual two exams sitting.

“A new future is here with us as we welcome the new syllabus we hope that it will offer better opportunities for our people,” stated KASNEB CEO Dr Nicholas Letting.

The updated curriculum will include enrollment of computer-based exams in December 2021 for the Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills. (CAMS) and will also consist of the enrollment of training webinars, in partnership with various training institutions to students, in order to ensure that students are well prepared for the exams.

“KASNEB will now be undertaking annual mini-reviews to improve on the syllabus and align to changing market needs. We shall ensure that students do not repeat what they have already covered,” stated Letting

The exams board has also noted that all previous candidates will be granted up to one year to complete the CPA syllabus as is. Upon the expiry of one year, the students will be required to select a specialisation from among the papers that they will not have passed by that date.

The changes to this syllabus were done after consultations with stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

“I would like to commend Kasneb for setting the pace in ensuring that its graduates are ready for the market under the new dispensation,” Dr Julius M. Muia, PhD CBS  Principal Secretary at The National Treasury remarked, giving his keynote virtually.

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