Issue and Sale of Bidding Documents

The issuance of Bidding Document shall be organized by the Procuring Entity so as tonsure access and costs efficiency. All bidders responding to the invitation to tender notice must receive by mail and/or electronic mail the bidding document or be able to obtain them at the premises of the Entity. The Procuring Entity shall maintain names and addresses of all bidders to whom the documents are issued.

Where a short–list has been established or pre-qualified bidders, determined, the bid documents shall be issued to all bidders on this list at the same time. To the extent possible, the procuring entity shall issue the bidding documents by electronic mail or any other method the same day. The Procuring Entity may charge a fee for the bidding documents where the PEs charges a fee it shall be calculated to cover the costs related to printing, copying and distribution of the documents only and shall not include any element of profit. In this event, signed receipts for the documents have to be issued and the bidders may be required to submit a copy of the receipt with their bid. Bidders may request to inspect the bidding documents at the premises of the entity prior to purchasing them. Where a fee is charged the fee must be paid before the closing date of the tender.

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