Inviting Bids

Bids should be invited through the publication of an announcement of tendering proceedings. No pre-qualification should be conducted for disposing of stores, assets or equipment. Prequalification may only be resulted to with the prior approval of the PPOA.

Contents of Announcement of Public Tender Sale Proceedings
Where the Procuring Entity publishes an announcement of tendering proceedings, this should be published in the form of an invitation to tender notice, inviting all potential bidders to submit bids. Invitation to tender notices should include:

  • The name, address and contact details of the Procuring Entity;
  • The nature of the disposal requirement, including the quantity and / or dimensions of stores, assets and equipment and the location and timetable for disposing of the stores, assets and equipment to the selected bidder;
  • A statement of any key technical requirements, qualification requirements and evaluation criteria, such as a evidence of qualification to dispose of the stores, assets or equipment in the context of public health and safety and environmental protection or the application of a margin of preference;
  • Instructions on obtaining the bidding documents, including any price payable and the language of the documents; and
  • Instructions on any pre-bid conference, site visits, access to stores, assets and equipment for potential bidders to assess the conditions, specifications and value of those;
  • Instructions on the location and deadline for submission of bids. Publication of Announcement in Public Tender Sale Proceedings

The invitation to tender notice should be:
Published at least once in a daily newspaper, which must be of nation-wide circulation to reach sufficient bidders to ensure effective competition; and may in addition be:

1. Broadcast over the radio or television, on the stations and programmes and at a time most likely to target potential bidders;
2. To the extent feasible, published on the internet, including any website established by the PPOA.
3. Published on the notice board of the procuring entity.

Where tendering is international, the notice should also be published in media of wide international circulation or on widely read internet sites, in the English language. In addition, where the Procuring Entity believes it is necessary to ensure wide competition, it may send the notice directly to potential bidders. The Procuring Entity should keep a record of any bidders to whom the notice is sent directly, which should form part of the disposal record.

Contents of Bidding Documents for the Public Tender Sale Method
Procuring Entities should use the appropriate standard disposal bidding document issued by the PPOA in preparing bidding documents. The bidding documents should provide bidders with all the information that they require in order to submit bids that are responsive to the needs of the Procuring Entity. In particular, the bidding documents should include:

  1. A clear description of the stores, assets or equipment;
  2. An indication of the reserve price where the Procuring Entity decides to use it;
  3. Instructions on the preparation of bids, including any standard forms to be submitted and the documentary evidence and information required from bidders;
  4. Instructions on the sealing, labeling and submission of bids, including the location and deadline for submission and procedures for the withdrawal, modification or replacement of bids;
  5. Instructions on participation to pre-bid conferences, site visits and on access to the stores, assets or equipment such a dates, time and conditions;
  6. Information on the methodology for the evaluation of bids, any evaluation criteria to be applied and the manner in which the criteria should be applied;;
  7. Information on the procedure for contract award, including the requirement for publication of a notice of proposed award and the bidders‘ right to appeal;
  8. The type of contract to be awarded;
  9. The terms and conditions of the proposed contract; and
  10. Information on the Bidder‘s right to appeal under the administrative review process and on the Government‘s policy on fraud and corruption, including the debarment of bidders.

Eligibility Criteria for the Public Tender Sale Method
The Procuring Entity should ensure that the compliance criteria does not discriminate any person or entity. The eligibility criteria may require evidence of the qualification or certification or registration of the potential bidders to prove their capability to dispose of stores, assets and equipment that may present a public health and safety threat, an environmental risk or any other cause that may require such evidence. The eligibility criteria should be detailed in the bidding documents and instructions to bidders.

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