The internet and the World Wide Web are n accepted framework for implementing and delivering information systems applications. The internet is a global collection of telecommunications linked computer networks, which has revolutionized global communication and commerce through tools such as e-mail, and interactive, transaction enabled websites. However, the same network protocols can be used more locally as a tool for internal and external supply chain communication.

An intranet is a set of networked and/or internet-linked computers. This private network is usually only accessible to registered users, within the same organization or work group. Access is restricted by passwords and user group accounts. Intranets are used in internal supply chain and employee communication: only authorized internal users are able to access relevant web pages and dedicated email facilities (as well as having access to the wider internet).

Intranets offer significant advantages for integrating internal supply chain communications. They support multi-directional communication and data sharing; link remote sites and workers in „virtual‟ teams; allow authorized access to shared database and e-procurement platforms; give employees wider access to corporate information; encourage more frequent use of reference sources (such as procurement manuals, standing orders and policies) and updating of information; and save on the cost of producing and distributing the equivalent printed documents and messages

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