Improving performance

In many instances, the appraisal interview will provide the basis for noting deficiences in employee performance and for making plans for improvement. Unless these deficiencies are brought to the employees attention, they are likely to continue until they become quite serious. Sometimes, under performers may not understand exactly what is expected of them. However, once their responsibilities are clarified, they are in a position too make the corrective action needed to improve their performance.

Source of ineffective performance
There are many reasons why an employee’s performance might not meet standards. First each individual has a unique pattern of strengths and weakness that play a part in addition, other factors such as the work environment the external environment including home and commonly and personal problems have an impact on a job performance  It is recommended that the appraisal of ineffective performance focus on three interactive elements; skill effort and external conditions for example if an employee performance is not up
to standards, the cause could be skill problem (knowledge, abilities technical competencies,) an effort problem(motivation to get the job), or some problems in the external conditions of work (poor working conditions, supply shortages, difficult sales territories). If any one of these there elements re unfavourable, performance will usually suffer

Improving ineffective performance
The first step in improving ineffective performance is to determine its cause once the cause is known, a course of action can be planned. This action may include providing training or improving the skills needed for effective member of the organization. In other situations, greater attention may have to be focussed on incentives to motivate the employees. If effective performance persists, it may be necessary to demote the employee take disciplinary action, or discharge the person from the organization. Whatever action is taken, it should be done within legal limits, with fairness and with recognition of the feelings of individual involved. This required a formal approach to a progressive discipline program. The most appropriate match of discipline to a specific offenses should be gorverned by the severity of offense, employee’s past performance record, length of time employed, and past penalties for similar offense.
Appropriateness of discipline usually begins with the first step being a verbal warning, the second a written warning and third a final written indicating the disciplinary action

Optimal performance
The performance management process is designed t assist employees to develop their full potential ; that is to obtain their successful performance in the work environment. With the flattening of the company structure and the emphasis on quick response, more work is being done in task force and project teams. Employees are placed in teams with members of varying skills and must move quickly to complete their assignments before moving on to a new team and new project. The management consult believes this recruiting redeployment of employees is not being accomplished in an efficient manner. They may be misassigned or mismatched. the situation
may also be inappropriate for the employee to achieve optimal performance

What is optimal performance? This occurs when employees produce outstanding or optimal results for this take place, the employee must be selected to perform in a particular work environment requiring that persons unique talents, which lead to their high performance pattern. Outstanding personal success is not random, accidental, or lucky. An employee does certain things when successful which are different when not successful; the person is in their high performance pattern. Each person has high performance pattern which is unique to the person. No two people have the same high performance pattern for successful performances to achieve
performance, there must be a careful people match between the job assignments and adjustments in how work is assigned to capitalize on the unique success patterns of the team members. Some companies have tried this approach and were highly successful. From the perspective of performance management, very performance review would become an original appraisal. This would appear to require a rethinking of performance management process

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