Implementation of Logistic Strategy

Implementation of the strategy is an important activity after the formulation. The firm needs to evolve a proper framework to successfully implement its logistics strategy. Important aspects for implementation of strategy are:

Financial dimensions of control such as net income return on equity, net profits etc.
• Non-financial parameters of control such as quality of service, customer satisfaction, delivery time etc.
• The organizational culture and employee motivational programmes initiated by the company facilitate behavioral controls for employees.
• The structure of the organization is of importance. Organizational structure with a wide span of control give higher motivation to employees to perform well and strategy implementation can be done successfully in such organizations.
• Skills of the implementers of the strategy are also an important consideration. The successful implementation of logistics strategy depends to a great extent on the information shared with internal and external customers and also logistics partners.

Transparency at both the buyer and seller‘s end helps to build an element of trust, thus adding value to the customer delivery chain, which makes the task of implementation simpler.

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