HRM activities connected to health and safety

A number of core hr functions are directly linked to occupational health and safety. They include;

Health and safety consideration and policy can affect the selection process in two ways:

1.Recruitment and selection

  • During the recruitment process, potential applicants are more attracted to an organization that has a reputation for offering a healthy and safe environment for its employees.
  • The maintenance of a healthy and safe workplace can be facilitated in the selection process by choosing applicants with personality traits that decrease the likelihood of accidents.

2.Performance management

Proper maintenance health and safety can be enhanced through performance management function in the following ways;

  • Incorporating the safety records of individual employees in the performance appraisals can promote healthy and safe behaviors at work.
  • Making the accident rates of various sections an important criteria of managerial performance can make Safety management programs more effective.

3.Training and development.

The training and development function is directly linked to maintenance of health and safety in the following ways;

  • Studies have shown that safety training for new employees is quite beneficial because most accidents are highest during the early days on a new job.
  • Studies have shown that organizations that offer safety training to their employees have reduced accident rates and fewer hazards.

4.Compensation and reward management.

  • A reward system that ties bonus payments and other incentives to the safety records of a work group or section can encourage safe work behavior
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