1. Welcome the candidate in a friendly way, Offer warm smile to the candidate, talk to him in a friendly tone of voice, hold a
small talk with him in an area he is familiar.
2. After the candidate has been made comfortable the you should start talking to him on the subject you want to know about. You will want to know the candidate’s qualifications (ability to do the job), aspiration(willingness to do the job), social effectiveness and emotional balance (relationship with others) character (trustworthiness), physical vigour and energy, spouse ‘s attitude towards
the job, financial stability, willingness to travel and willingness to make permanent move.
3. Make notes a bout the candidate and discuss the notes with other panelists when the candidate has left.
4. give the candidate time to ask questions
5. If a decision is to be made immediately let the candidate know shortly after the discussion.
6. Thank the candidate for his time and tell him by when he should expect a response from you.

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