THURSDAY: 4 August 2022. Morning paper. Time Allowed: 2 hours.

This paper has two sections. SECTION I has twenty (20) multiple choice questions. SECTION II has three practical questions of sixty (60) marks. All questions are compulsory. Marks allocated to each question are shown at the end of the question.


1. Which of the following statements is TRUE about digital imaging?
A. Enhancing digital videos
B. Manipulating digital media
C. Altering digital content
D. Altering digital pictures (2 marks)

2. In graphic design, _____is a visual element that creates a 3D illusion using various artistic tools.
A. Texture
B. Harmony
C. Unity
D. Clarity (2 marks)

3. Which of the following is TRUE about image title bar?
A. Shows image size
B. Shows The name of image inserted
C. Shows image file name
D. Shows image type (2 marks)

4. By default, the center of an imaging software is occupied by _________________?
A. Tools
B. Working space
C. Layers formatter
D. Status bar (2 marks)

5. The process of converting a continuous range of value to discreet range of values in digital imaging is known as?
A. Sampling
B. Rasterisation
C. Quantisation
D. Scanning (2 marks)

6. Which of the following is a unique feature in a graphics design software?
A. Text tool
B. File name extension
C. Zoom tool
D. Selecting tools (2 marks)

7. What is the purpose of a ruler in graphics design?
A. Setting the location of graphics
B. Measure size of created graphics
C. Measure size of working area.
D. Merging points (2 marks)

8. Which of the following tools is not used to draw in graphics design?
A. Eyedropper
B. Bezier
C. Pencil
D. Free hand (2 marks)

9. What is the use of a navigator tool in graphics design?
A. Grouping objects
B. Moving to any window
C. Navigator to any object in a document
D. Moving objects to any location (2 marks)

10. What is the main use of layers in graphic design?
A. Separate multiple documents
B. Holding text
C. Combining images
D. Deleting images (2 marks)

11. What is filling as used in Illustration software?
A. Image shadows
B. Border lines
C. Colouring inside an object
D. Inputting images inside frames (2 marks)

12. Pick the correct procedure to draw a perfect square using Illustrator Software.
A. Choose the rectangle tool, hold shift, and drag the cursor diagonally
B. Input the square’s side dimensions
C. Double click the polygon tool
D. Select the square polygon tool and click any open area (2 marks)

13. Rashid drew an oval object using Illustrator software. Which of the following solution will fill the object?
A. Shade the object using pen tool
B. Select a brush and paint the colour inside the object
C. Select the object and then a colour from the colour palette
D. Use the paint bucket to fill the object (2 marks)

14. Holding the “Shift Key” while drawing with the pen tool will cause ONE of the following to happen.
A. The selected pen becomes inactive
B. A zig-zag line can be drawn.
C. The pen will draw an empty line.
D. A vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree line can be drawn (2 marks)

15. A selected tool in illustrator remains active until?
A. The Software is closed
B. The user is done with the tool
C. Another tool is selected
D. Enter key is pressed (2 marks)

16. Which of the following is an output method for publishing graphics design?
A. Importing
B. Binding
C. E-readers
D. Laminating (2 marks)

17. _________________is carrier of an image which will be printed out many copies at different times in the reproduction process.
A. Digital Printer
B. Printer
C. Image Preprocessor
D. Printing plate (2 marks)

18. Slightly overlapping colours that fit together without any white space showing between them are called?
A. Mixing
B. Trapping
C. Merging
D. Overlap (2 marks)

19. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY defines colour separation process as used in graphic design printing?
A. Integrating a color graphic or photo into multiple-color layers
B. Assimilating a color graphic or photo into single-color layers
C. Decomposing a color graphic or photo into single-color layers
D. Decomposing a color graphic or photo into multiple-color layers (2 marks)

20. The most common digital printing methods in use today are?
A. Toner based and ink based
B. Manual based and electronic based
C. Laser based and ink based
D. Single based and multiple based (2 marks)


11. Use a graphic design software to create a shadow on the lower right side of the image shown below.

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