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This paper is made up of fifty (50) Multiple Choice Questions. Answer ALL questions by indicating the letter (A, B, C or D) that represents the correct answer. Each question is allocated two (2) marks. Do NOT write anything on this paper.

1. In a spreadsheet application, what is the name of the alphanumeric value used to identify a specific cell?

A. Cell reference
B. Cell location
C. Cell coordinate
D. Cell number (2 marks)

2. Which of the following statements is CORRECT with reference to Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM)?

A. RAM is permanent memory while ROM is temporary memory
B. RAM is non-volatile memory while ROM is volatile memory
C. RAM is volatile memory while ROM is non-volatile memory
D. RAM is used to store startup programs while ROM is used to store application programs being executed (2 marks)

3. Which of the following is NOT an example of an application software?

A. Corel Draw
B. Microsoft Word
C. Device driver
D. Microsoft Excel (2 marks)

4. The computer program that acts as an interface between computer users and computer hardware is referred to as?

A. Utility program
B. Operating system
C. User program
D. Database application (2 marks)

5. Which of the following is NOT an important feature in a word processing software?

A. Spell checker and grammar
B. Search and replace
C. Filtering
D. Insert table (2 marks)

6. Which of the following is NOT an example of a computer security threat?

A. Malware
B. Spyware
C. Adware
D. Firmware (2 marks)

7. The following are advantages of command line interface (CLI) EXCEPT?

A. It is possible to automate the most frequently used commands
B. The CLI system uses fewer system resources
C. It is efficient and fast
D. It is designed to be used by all levels of users from basic end users to system administrators (2 marks)

8. There are various types of input devices used in a point of sale (POS) system in supermarkets or large stores.

Which one of the following is NOT applicable in a POS?

A. Optical character reader
B. Barcode reader
C. Card reader
D. Mouse (2 marks)

9. The following are advantages of using a flash disk for data storage EXCEPT?

A. Volatile memory
B. Readily available
C. Increased durability
D. Fast transfer speeds (2 marks)

10. Which of the following is NOT a feature of an accounting software?

A. Tax preparation
B. Cloud accounting
C. Mining accounting
D. Expense tracking (2 marks)

11. Which of the following is NOT an attribute that makes a server ideal in an organisation?

A. Reliable
B. Versatile
C. Attractive
D. Diligence (2 marks)

12. The following are methods that a network engineer can use to connect a user to the Internet EXCEPT?

A. Dial up
B. Ethernet
C. Router
D. Wireless (2 marks)

13. Identify the name of the input device shown below:

A. Bar code reader
B. MICR reader
C. Scanner
D. Printer (2 marks)

14. A hardware device that allows a computer to be connected to an external network is known as _______________.

A. Network interface card
B. Switch
C. Repeater
D. Router (2 marks)

15. Which generation of computers introduced transistors as a replacement for vacuum tubes?

A. First generation
B. Second generation
C. Third generation
D. Fourth generation (2 marks)

16. Which of the following computers is characterised by high cost, fast processing speeds, large physical size and a large storage capability?

A. Midrange computer
B. Mainframe computer
C. Microcomputer
D. Minicomputer (2 marks)

17. Which of the following is a characteristic of the first-generation programming languages?

A. Easy to read and understand
B. Portability across different systems
C. Utilises binary codes
D. Supports interactive debugging (2 marks)

18. Which of the following can be classified as a benefit of graphical user interface (GUI)?

A. It allows for easier navigation and interaction
B. It requires less memory and processing power
C. It provides a command line interface
D. It offers higher security measures (2 marks)

19. The feature that allows computer users to perform calculations using formulas in a spreadsheet program is referred to as ________________.

A. Autocomplete
B. Conditional formatting
C. Function library
D. Pivot table (2 marks)

20. Which of the following is a two-axis spreadsheet chart that displays a series of data points with straight line segments connecting them with the space underneath the line segments shaded?

A. Line chart
B. Area chart
C. Bar chart
D. Pie chart (2 marks)

21. From the table shown below, select the cell reference for the formula that can be used to find the total price of mangoes

22. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the slide sorter PowerPoint presentation view?

A. It shows small versions of all the slides arranged in horizontal rows
B. It enables slides to be easily deleted or rearranged quickly
C. It simultaneously displays the slide, the outline and notes
D. Transition and sound effects can be added to several slides simultaneously (2 marks)

23. Which of the following is a PowerPoint program feature that removes all formatting and styles from a text selection?

A. Delete formatting
B. Clear formatting
C. Clear text
D. Edit formatting (2 marks)

24. Which of the following elements of PowerPoint application offers an efficient way of applying formatting and design elements consistently to every slide in a presentation?

A. Slide sorter
B. Slide editor
C. Slide formatting
D. Slide master (2 marks)

25. Which of the following is an input device?

A. Monitor
B. Speaker
C. Microphone
D. Printer (2 marks)

26. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of fiber-optic cable?

A. Highly scalable
B. Difficult to tap
C. High bandwidth
D. Easy to work with (2 marks)

27. Which of the following network topology has direct connection to every other node creating redundant and robust network structure?

A. Ring
B. Bus
C. Mesh
D. Star (2 marks)

28. The use of messaging systems to send multiple unsolicited messages to large numbers of recipients for commercial advertising is known as?

A. Pop-ups
B. Spamming
C. Cookies
D. Jamming (2 marks)

29. The network device that regenerates signals as they travel over long distances is referred to as?

A. Repeater
B. Bridge
C. Modem
D. Firewall (2 marks)

30. Which type of connector is commonly used with CAT6 cable?

A. RJ-45
D. HDMI (2 marks)

31. The type of computer network that connects computers in a global setup is known as?

A. Local area network
B. Wide area network
C. Metropolitan area network
D. Personal area network (2 marks)

32. Which of the following is NOT a property of a folder?

A. Space occupied
B. Location
C. Date created
D. Path (2 marks)

33. Which of the following gives the purpose of a file extension?

A. To determine the file’s physical location
B. To identify the file’s owner
C. To indicate the file’s content or format
D. To prevent unauthorised access to the file (2 marks)

34. Which of the following BEST describes the security measure that can be used to verify the authenticity of a user account creator?

A. Asking for a recent utility bill
B. Requesting a fingerprint scan
C. Sending a verification code to a registered phone number or email address
D. Offering a secret handshake (2 marks)

35. The software created by people who are willing to give it away for the satisfaction of sharing or knowing they helped to simplify other people’s lives is known as?

A. Freeware
B. Shareware
C. System software
D. Antivirus (2 marks)

36. The type of user account that enables computer users to have full control of the computer resources is referred to as _______________.

A. Full control account
B. Standard user account
C. Administrative account
D. End user account (2 marks)

37. The security policy that dictates how network traffic is authorised to pass in each direction is referred to as______.

A. Data security
B. Firewall security
C. Authentication security
D. Encryption security (2 marks)

38. Which of the following refers to the assurance that the owner of a signature key pair that was capable of generating an existing signature corresponding to certain data cannot convincingly deny having signed the data?

A. Non-repudiation
B. Integrity
C. Confidentiality
D. Authentication (2 marks)

39. Which of the following terms refers to a system that can be setup to lure cyber attackers so as to detect and study hacking attempts to gain unauthorised access to information systems?

A. Backtracing
B. Encryption
C. Honeypots
D. Access control (2 marks)

40. Which of the following is NOT a type of computer backup?

A. Incremental backup
B. Full backup
C. Differential backup
D. Half backup (2 marks)

41. Which of the following BEST describes the type of data security process that enables organisations to manage who is authorised to access corporate data and resources?

A. Access encryption
B. Access control
C. Data authentication
D. Firewall (2 marks)

42. Which of the following is NOT a service provided by an operating system?

A. Program execution
B. Repairing hardware devices
C. File management
D. Communication (2 marks)

43. Which of the following is a program that will translate high level language source code to machine code in a statement by statement manner?

A. Assembler
B. Compiler
C. Interpreter
D. Mnemonic (2 marks)

44. The time required to locate and retrieve stored data from a storage unit in response to a program instruction is known as?

A. Access time
B. Latency time
C. Transfer time
D. Storage time (2 marks)

45. The social engineering attack where victims are bombarded with false alarms and fictitious threats is referred to as?

A. Baiting
B. Phishing
C. Scareware
D. Pretexting (2 marks)

46. Which of the following is NOT an advanced persistent threat (APT) feature?

A. Lateral movement
B. Reconnaissance
C. Corruption of operations
D. Exploitation (2 marks)

47. Consider the following features of a computer booting process
• Not very common
• Can severely affect the system causing data loss
• Power- on self- test is not included
The above features refer to which type of the booting process?

A. Cold
B. Hot
C. Dump
D. Warm (2 marks)

48. Which of the following is NOT a physical threat to data in an organisation?

A. Theft and loss of devices
B. Environmental factors
C. Malicious employees
D. Hacking (2 marks)

49. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of off-the-shelf software?

A. They are readily available
B. They satisfy the unique needs of users
C. They are well documented
D. They are well tested (2 marks)

50. The computer network device that manages traffic between these networks by forwarding data packets and allowing multiple devices to use the same internet connection is referred to as _______________.

A. Bridge
B. Hub
C. Gateway
D. Router (2 marks)

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