Filling of a Casual Vacancy

A casual vacancy in the office of the auditor can be filled by the Board of Directors, provided such vacancy has not been caused by the resignation of the auditor. In case of a casual vacancy arising on account of resignation, only the company in general meeting can fill the vacancy by appointing another
auditor. The expression ‘casual vacancy’ has not been defined in the Act. Taking its natural meaning, it stands for a vacancy created by the auditor ceasing to act after he was validly appointed and the appointment was accepted. This may arise due to a variety of reasons which include death, resignation,
disqualification, dissolution of the firms of auditors, etc. The provision to require the filling of casual vacancy caused by resignation of the auditor by the general meeting is in consonance with the principle of auditor’s independence. The process may bring out facts regarding the auditor’s resignation to the
notice of, and hence scrutiny by the shareholders. Any abuse of authority or financial impropriety by the management, that might have contributed to the resignation, will be known. If the auditor could be found to be conscientious and honest, the general meeting may even request him to reconsider his decision and take appropriate steps to cure the evils, if any, in the management. The auditor appointed to a casual vacancy shall hold office till the conclusion of the next annual general meeting.

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